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Berlin, Kiew and Russia in the Next 7 Months in the Architecture of Time

As we know: there are  myriads  of  steering and regulating events on all of the levels so its nothing short of a wonder, that someone is able to say: "I", or "Now" being a "one" as a being same time consisting of myriads .
These myriads, one has kept in mind  facing the astrological view of heaven, providing no less than  an  architecture of time.

"Quality of time"  is that   wonder, hidden to the sensual conciousness . And the rulers of time, every astrological analysis is finding itself depending on, rule like gods, they shape the chances in their spaces of time in the spiral of collective revolutions.

Very long waves of time, the Indo-Iranian Astrologers around 5. Jh.AD described them in their ...
Books of the Kings known as "Ziad al shah". The heavenly rulers of time were highstly respected and introduced to migrate into books for the kings of realms.

This astromundane diary is nothing else like a report of a child to the king about the given signs and times. And, alas? ... the child has to be alone to complete each work.

So still today, every astrological prey is for no one else, but for the king and the "KING", the kingchild in everybodies halfmaterial soul - the kingchild reports  to God about his lights -  rulers of time in time.

Very long waves in time - to my mind comes  a Tsunami: very rapidly travelling,  of very long waves, nearly missed to recognize on board of ships far from shores, but potentionl hughe and desastrous to coastlines, whose inhabitants might have lost respect and knowledge to the god of deep sleep and deep purity in natur and to the  times of reckoning, when resonances of very far very deep events meet the now: "aeons", overwriting sometimes the pretext of presence, providing sometimes waves at "point of a gun" into - everyones karma.

And the encodment of the zodiak tells us: a year in the sphairal of time is run and ruled by 12 times and signs.
And the zodiak tells us, the 12 times are familiar with four "elements", aggregation states in modern language, of which each one of the four do appeare in three states: natural - psychic (soul) - spiritual.

And like  a kind of very rare but very powerfull events, occuring very far away from spaces like an seaquake to other places,  the collision of rulers of time/physics in the ground of an ozean are such rare powerfull congregations of rulers of times sending their waving resonances through centuries to the vast shores of presence.

Events of these kind occure in the clockwork of lights and planets and they use to do that in sequences. This is not the place to go "technical" into it, but when the "god" or time-ruler of measure ( clock-face) and of time (clock-hand) meet in the shape of Saturn and Jupiter,  that moment is called "Great Conjunction"  and happens every 20 Years producing  waves in times.

After  a sequence of about 10 repetitions of  the GC's   allways (with certain exceptions), running in the 3 signs of the same Element, there is due a BIG first one of a new series in another element: the "Kings Coniunction" (KC).
And the quality of time produced by the BIG First, appearing invisibly as waves in times travel and travel ... and keep travelling until it's time for a new BIG First  after about 800 years,  a new "Kingsconjunction" ...and keep travelling but "overwritten" now.

Now to the way of travelling of Kingsconjunctions:

Firstly   the KC is receiver of transits all over the certain 800 Years of it's existence.

Secondly every birthday of a kingsconjunction produces something like  a new wave or timeorder "ignited" by the original event. These waves are travelling in different rhythmlengths. The wavelength of seven (7) appeares to be something like a corridor for our life-rhythms, ruling weeks, months and years. So each birthday of a Kings Conjunctions produces fresh  waves ignited by the original start, travelling in the wave-length of 7 years in it's 12 x 7 months.
The travel-charts of each of these 7 years/84 Months are called "Septar". Such a Septar of the current earth - aeon  is object of the following analysis.

All 4 coincidently running Septars are to be analized. Very much stuff. To beginn with ...

as the an element  earth provides the vessel for the eternal mixture of the four elements, so "earth"  is fitting for a first overwiev about the coming conditions for that mixture of the four.

Following is the earth-aeon since 17.7.1802 for the whole northern hemisphere and one has to recognize
the low quality of the heart of the earth Sun reaching within the private borders of Cancer together with adviser Mercury in maybe insufficient distance to the central ruler.

Earth - Aeon of 1802

17.7.1802, UTC 
Kingsconjunction Element Earth
( 1802 - 2577)

This birth-chart is the receiver of all "Transits"  or  resonances of  the actuall running  rulers of time.
Them transits are marked and reported on in my weekly diaries

In addition to the rhythms of these transits there are the rhythms of the annually birthday-waves, the "Septars".

Actually we are experiencing our vessel in the mixture of times received by the 30th birthday of 1802 on the 17.7.1832

31. Septar
17.7.1832, UTC 4:38 
Northern Hemisphere

The entirety of one hemisphere allways appear coordinated  according to an Ascendant, marking the place, where Sun, day and heaven (and astrological 2 hours-houses) are rising over the horizon.

Each place on the hemisphere occupies at the crucial UTC 4:38 one portion of  that whole  day.  And the chart provides the transcription of the twelve 7-month-portions in the corridor of time clockwise and anti-clockwise.

All places together inherit what a Septar bears of contradiction, conglomerations, resonances of time-qualities and ways of unwindment.

So in these 7 years the  main contradiction ist this  being - connected -within an  opposition of Sun and Neptune representing fire and water, centralisation and suspension ... in the same time.
Souvereign willpower configurating as female king ruler in lifeforms of  families (Cancer) contra stateship (capricorn) pointing at the interconnection inplanted in everyone - thus the contradiction of  private desire represented by Sun/Venus and collective responceability represented by the king father capricorn-ruler Saturn.

The clock-face of the zodiak bears this contradiction forever, but in these 7 years it is extremly accented. With Neptune it shows in capricorn the resolution of stateship, resolution and purging bath of stateship as precondition for it's rejuvenation poining at  a time when the "regulator is sleeping at the wheel".

Thus for the realm of families this is a time of nonbalanced excesses of privatisation in the borderless sense of private disposal in families owning the state.

And in the current 7 years, the Venus participates with the excesses of  the Sun in cancer.

 This as an example of a trend drifting out of a Septar of the aeon into our years. And as Neptune travels rather slow this Sun/Neptune/Opposition is already resonating since the Septar of  1998-2005.

Now to some places,  beginning with middle-Europe

31. Septar KG Earth
17.7.1832 Berlin
2012 - 2019

The german capital  is place of rising Leo,  according to the Sun signifying the souvereign central spender in the cosmic star- planet- family. Sun is the "travelling" (seen from earth) spender and responder of all waves, travelling to and from Sun and to and from all planets and their satellites. 
As we saw above, Sun is currently not balanced by Saturn, whose homeplace Capricorn is suspended, because "the king"  in shape of Neptune ist the "child".

And the sun of Germany , as well as of all middle- and eastern Europe beginning with east of Paris and London, and ending  shortly before the meridian of Volgograd - all that is in the current seven years the Leo-land.
And as the Sun =  power of said Leo ist placed in the 12th house, having the time-quality of "future before origination" , the souvereignity of this area is  in suspension,  "pisces" means purity in the "bath of  rejuvenalization".

Now, when the new Septar was "incended" in  2012, middle- and east-europe where the first travellers in this sign, and for them the 7-year-journy started within the Sun - problem. And within the borders of this travelling Leo souvereignity will be found for the future ofthe whole hemisphere and it's hemispartners.

Now a large step over 4 of the 7 months-periods to arrive in the present conditions or qualities of times since 11.17.2014:

In the current 7 months: every place on the northern hemisphere is,  travelling in houses = timelengths, crossing into it's eight house (in time) in heavens symbols and - in lower mirror of reality - the fifth house on earth; both together forever as  "fifth mirror" of each zodiacal rhythmic architecture.

Now the sign which enters the eights house clockwise, (the house in analogy to Skorpio) this sign rules the waves since 11 17 2014 and according to pisces the King as child =  Neptune rules the pictures which rule the species, calling  sacrifice of the single for to overcome for the whole. And Moon in house 8 tells, what to be sacrificed: ones  identity according to ones dreams.
And the one who tells, where the sacrifice is to be placed is Neptunein the "dependence" of the 6th house - dependent on conditions. And here leys the eg: child as old father, Neptune in Capricorn, no collective regulation rule safe of the of the private rulers. In social history known as "Mafia".

Asking for the  reality-half in the cosmic mirror for middle-and esteurope for the fifth time of the ruling 7: Scorpio rules house fife in Berlin, in senior-association with Sagittarius.
That tells: this part of the hemisphere is now in for sacrifice (Pluto) and reconciliation (Jupiter) and insight - both in house 9 - and therefore beyond the private horizon. And what has to be sacrificed? House 5 answers: souvereign private life itself, "the gold" of being lion in privacy is to be abandoned in favour of
the reconcilliation of the collective. And it is rage of Aries within which the Pluto of abandonment sacrifices, however the connected ruler Jupiter in late Pisces - both Aries and Pisces = "end is beginn"
30° pisces = 0° Aries = beginning first mirror in zodiac.
So the sacrifice in Aries is due to the rage of the old (year) stonewalling the new ... without any prospects.

Now before keeping on, here two other  Leo - Ascendents further east:

 Kiew 31 Septar Erdelement
2012 - 2019

17.7.1832 UTC 4:38

And further in the east:

Moskau 31. Septar Erdelement
2012 - 2019

17.7.1832 UTC 4:38

Comparing the ruler of the place - Sun for Leo - there's to perceive an eminent difference between the West bordering east of Kiew and the east with Moscow as real center: in the west is the Sun/ Venus coniunction in house 12 , signifying a being in complete resolution meaning in the same time: being in the preoriginal state of a coming future.

 The east, as Moscow is  example for, has the Sun/sovereignity in house 11, in the state of origin, as well as house 12 is  in advance before this state.

Now  in the fifth 7 - months-period,  clockwise, both Kiew and Moscow  are filled with the rage of Mars'  "new brooms"! - Mars is a great cleaner, Widder (Aries) is the trigger - in both Kiew and Moscow the trigger is constellated to transfer ire and sacrifice - Mars and Pluto - storming into the old structure of  the race -  "the game in town" or house 8.
And both, Kiew earlier, Moscow in the middle of the period, are rhythmically "meeting" Jupiter and his brigtness for reconcilliation. While in Kiew, again bordering to the east, has (like Berlin) Moon in  house 8, the ruler of laps and families and everyday,  being  in resolution (house 12), and not enough with that, there is the opposition of Saturn to Moon, not too desired, as Saturn, ruler of scarcity,  isn't too wellcomed in the lunar world of everyday life.

Now for the lower half of the chart with Sagittarius ruling and co-ruler Capricorn in Moscow.
Said Jupiter is the ruler of the selfradiating fifth house in both of them Moscow and Kiew. But with the difference, that in Moscow not only sagittarius  runs but also the subruler Capricorn. And "liquidator" Neptune is in the case of Russia transferred into house 8 = number 2 to the opposit party,  being provided by Jupiter with liquidator Neptune.

And while Moscow is provided with liquidator Neptune in it's very appearence (house 1) in this 7-month-period, and will be place of a mayor cleaning,  Kiew will be provided with Neptune early after the step into the next (6th) conversation in June .
Then the foundations ( house 2) of the own  territory are object within which this liquidation is constellated.

The world is round and knots of meaning are constellated all around the hemisphere, and  this story could never have an end, but my power is weak enough to be satisfied  with two other places: two in Asia and one, place of the hegemon, in the west.

 From New Dehli to Washington Selfexpression and Sacrifice 

Further east, the halfcontinent of India appears with its fairly northern metropolis New Dehli:

31. Septar, Earthelement, New Dehli
Its Virgo ruling these 7 Years in India. 
This civilisation, in its current stage of symbolical  maturity before last, was in a Process analoguously to a divine talking head speaking his divine heart in the last seven months.
In the current seven months there will be a phase of collecting and hunting for a territory or stamping ground in the spirit, which in accordance with Venus in 10th house, meaning - a spiritual encountering  of a kind of "supertribe" with its fatherly clarity basing in a deeply rooted motherimage ... and - conuinction Sun Venus - rules symbolicly as territory = Venus of heart = Sun ruling.
The Virgo  of the lower half finds her "Selbstausdruck" in the fifth house ruled by Capricorn with Neptune and Uranus = resolution + suspension of Capricorn = validity of standarts in the 12th house = again resolution in resonance = opposition with Luna and her world of mucous membranes. Famine now and a sustainability in the future? (Because house 12, 11, 10 are on their way but have not yet arrived in time.)
Further in the east we arrive in the Realm of the Middle" and its metropolis Peking ruled by Venus these 7 years in the unconcious mystery of harmony.
31. Septar, Earthelement, Peking
17.7. 2014 - 17. 2. 2015

Now, after seven months of Venus/Sun = safety and souvereignty in Cancers lap of elements, House 9 in an encounter with the own "selfexpression" of Moon in house5. It's now a kind of self-cleaning  of souls emotions (house 5) in the neighbouring world (house 3). Its an adding of pure  soul-essence, China will be attributing this seven months to the "soup" and drama of the northern hemisphere.
Encountering for China in these 7 years is the Mars, the bugle of rising, on the stage (h/7) of the hemisphere. This is the meaning of the "full encounter" of Mars, ruled by Aries: complete new beginning.
The meaning of Chinas ASC, Libra, is a kind of thing, which has in it self 2 baskets, homes, basins, sexes. It's a thing, to bring a warrior to complete calm satisfaction. Venus' scale weighing a complementary lover to every single entity.
The Mercury of the Twins who is ruling these 7 months collectively inspired on the throne of 10th house is to present the collective 3 - allways a position faciliating neutral ground for the meeting of the antagonisms of the 1 (half arrow alone) and the 2 (half arrow of  half a circle).
The symbolical "ground" of this 3 = Mercury is Leo = souvereignity of ones "Selbstausdruck".
And further east far behind the worldwaters of the Pacific a country emerges which is ruled far far away from its westcoast in the east in a metropolis called after one of its founders George Washington.

31. Septar, Earthelement,Washington

This place inherits for these 7 years as ASC the burden of being the "aggressor", which, blindly as no other god (in Mars  appears the ruler of birth in blindness (Nr. 1). Many animals are still physical blind while appearing in the house of birth.) 
Therefore the last seven months having been ruled by Saturn the ruler of restriction at the cusp of the sixth house, meaning blindness in the opportunity of opportunities giving birth to what it doesn't know and to something that needs an blind opener for the placenta of fate. 
 On it's way to satisfaction or relaxation (DC in Libra) the rhythm, emerging from the ASC has  now, for the current 14 months,  to stick to the symbolism of Sagittarius meaning to the symbolism of the funnels wide edge, in the zodiak the edge of intuition comprising the whole circle of the world and thus the essence of reconciliation. But one has to bear in mind, that the rhythm, even in the current rule of  Jupiter, the reconciliator, is emerging from the ASC of Aries with ruler Mars in House 1, with other words emerging from the unconsious drive to attack.
And, finally,  the ruler of this 14 months period, Jupiter is in house 12, meaning: back into a complete resolution and newbirth in the bath of the creator.
(Someone, who is working, together with his heart, in the 12th house is Vlamimir Putin. Obama is working, together with his heart, in house 6., quite  aware of nothing more than the expedience of opportunities.

Looking to the lower half of the chart, its Leo ruling the 5th house with it's expression of ones essence. Saturn at the cusp of the 6th hose is to be dismissed for the 5th, being ruled by the ruler of the 6th. But Sun, as ruler of the 5th comprises the radiation of ones heart and in 4th house it is in expression within the privacy of local or familiary affairs.
Finally this piecemeal compilation descibes 7 months in the "life" of lights, signs and times, or of gods, or psycological, of the interaction of  psychoid  archetypes within current  7 months, spreded over the norther hemisphere of our planet. They do interact, the psychoid archetypes, or gods, either somebody is in a kind of godlike  concious of them or not. Our specific human privileg and adventure in this creation is to be cronicler, conciously accompanying  them in our astrological net, which reaches back into the thousands of years. This doesn't mean to assume to "understand" this interaction in the first place. The blessings of such accompanying use to come, if and  when one doesn't expect it.

Murnau, 21.4.2014, UTC 17:00.

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