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Great Solutions in the Mirror

2. 9. - 16. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air und Water
from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 und 1305
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 Murnau Buoy

Heavenly Water Levels
from Monday to Monday

(the most important

2. 9. 2015
and thereupon based on

Chronicle of Signs and Times
as Heaven in Earth and Earth in Heaven Mirroring Constellations of the Wandering Lights Over the Northern Hemisphere

Motivation  to perceive
school of observation
of  the 
astropoetic inclusions of he week
for own musing
 about the similes
 of the heavenly given above the earth

in the sun-planet-family

.2. 9. 2015

another Saturn-Neptune-week
most significant
as preannouncement

what is Saturn-Neptune?

both belonging as Lord of Capricorn
and Lord of Pisces
to the fourth quarter of the zodiac
faces of  God alive

in this chronicle
because of intuition
with God
something extra-temporal likes to become
 recognized presence
 like circle square and triangle
in every shape
God alive in three kinds of shape

Saturn now is to be seen as the extra-temporal old
Uranus respectively as extra-temporal Son
Neptune the extra-temporal Child
and its animals


and here it is
Saturn-square-Neptune is
presence square future
of God and gods

strive between now
and always
strive among gods?
 do gods ever travel
without respect with
their kind
 like in heaven
but alas so often not
on earth
strife in humans
 for the sake of will
the refusal of respect on behalf of those
who alone deem to be chosen
for divine rule

Saturn is lord of  the realm of presence facing decline
may be for a long time 
Neptune is lord of the  coming realm  still being not in time
according to the force of the gods in the psyche
they reign on earth heaven
and in the depth of the material mirrors
of the archetypes 
now in spring therefore the announcement of the resolution
of the ruling old
the same in same strength nascent since November
rapidly increasing
culminating the passage of November to December
Saturn the ancient in Sagittarius
in the shoes of the son
in the
time of salvation of the conciliating archetype
sign of salvation calling life into it's form
hence it might find it's form

"Big time"
like Americans like to say
the resolution of the rule
of the paternal dimension
towards the year 2016

coincidentally of the ancient
remains the incorruptible
and the child
forever takes into possession
its essence
in Gods lap and love 
in the psyche and in time 
extending between spirit and soul

this culmination happened last week
to Jupiter in Leo
and  the archetype of sovereignty
 finally started to move in the west
and with the heart-lot in Aquarius
- the humane lot -
in resonance to Jupiter started to travel

17.7.1954, MEZ 17:57
Angela Merkel
Transit 11.2.2015, Minsk

the Sagittaria con-stellated by Jupiter began 
according to ancient wisdom
to travel wide
to the square-partner
who also accompanies the Uranus-Pluto-square
so everything has it's time


in the north and in the mountains
of every psyche
remaining at home in Capricorn 
the hunting of Pluto
is facing the despiser of the fathers
 - the devouring father-dragon -
under the banner of St. George
offering the sacrifice
of the plutonian psyche

permitting at the same time
the uranian humane-birds
to enter the wilderness of emergence
as a truth of heaven


...Venus still today (Monday) at 16° Pisces exactly in the mirror
of Uranus in Aries

Venus noch heute am Montag auf 16° Fische exakt im Spiegel von
 Uranus 14° Widder

the heavenly Gäa
mirrored earthly in her old lover Uranos
heaven on earth
the placenta of Eve mirrored
in the walking staff of the

psychoid mirror
thus in Aries' emergence
where Uranus leads the feathered humane- wheeler
in its facets which invite for oppositions and squares
Venus and Uranus
the heavenly humane community on Monday
as it takes
Gods lap for a cradle
of the spring


coming Sunday the Aquarius - Sun/heart in the sky will be visiting
a moving age-old "green" place at 26,6° Aquarius
the sacrifice offering "green" Pluto of the element water
which as offerer deep below of our feelings since 710 years
is accompanying  us to the
felt god-freedom in waiver


7.10.1952 Vladimir V. Putin

Transit 11.2.2015, Minsk

As it is evident there is nearly exact resonance between Putin's Sun and Merkel's Jupiter
as ruler of her ascendent. Both they are in perfect resonance with the big square of presence:
between Pluto and Uranus, between freedom and force, between Aries, the eternal new and Capricorn, the eternal old.
His ascendent-ruler and her ruler of house 11,  Pluto by contrast enjoys the opposition to the Sun of the day.
Each opposition finally is encounter and completion of halves to wholes.

And also on Wednesday - meeting of four in Minsk - Sun in opposition to both of them, Pluto of Putin and Merkel, while Putin's Pluto is very near to his MC.
Thus Putin's essence (ascendent) and destination (MC) are almost identical in the waiver for movements beyond the collective interest.

For Mars and Mercury I see no new entry this week
but Moon is always current
big lap for  psyche  finding calm in it's depths on the currents of the night for hurted archetypes
and injured will

and still in the coming night Moon accompanies the dialogs of the erotic temperaments 
where after then till Friday morning Moon is accompanying the call of Scorpio into the of sacrificial luck of  souls
entering  their form

when after that
two days till Saturday night the right - angularity of the perpendicular  Jupiter light
  woos the moontired into visions of conciliation and diversity
till awakening on Sunday in Capricorn above the nadirs of the emotional existence.

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