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Worldchild 2014 - Birth in the Manger of Outrage


"And maybe Uranus the human, Pluto the guard, and Jupiter the conciliator in their heavenly shape above the earth are filled with praise about the young humane spirit, about the eternal dead-spirit of the living Pluto and about the conciliatory Jupiter-width in the spirit of the mothers as far as they find resonance within the living human beings."
 „Und vielleicht sind Uranus der Mensch, Pluto der Wächter und Jupiter der Versöhner in ihrer himmlischen Gestalt über der Erde voll des Lobes über den jungen Menschen-Geist Uranus, über den unsterblichen Toten-Geist des lebendigen Pluto und über die versöhnliche Jupiter-Weite im Geist der Mütter soweit sie Widerhall finden unter den lebenden Menschen“
Montag, 17. Februar 2014: Sonntag: Weltenkind geboren im Nebel

And as I was reading this yesterday, it was coming to me:"Huh?"
And this is said to have been the week of the operation "Maidan"?
Where does this stand?

But to my fundamental excuse I can say, that to me as a paragon of the animal - God - order
is the one embracing all of his lights and is embraced by all of them, the lord of the miracles,
I know, this is my child-like faith.
 And the adult in me tells me,that I and you do exist in our inconceivable complexity and subtlety is to me religious primal ground for keeping hold to G O D as the all - genius and all-bountiful master-workman and - as god as I can - in his realm that I believe in - to read the  S i g n s and T i m e s - at least in outlines.
Anyway I wrote on Monday February 17. 2014 about a coming delivery in the signs of Sun and Neptune in conjunction:

Sunday: World - Child Born in the Mist
True could I - or what's the same - my consciousness not yet see this baby - cause, what is in Pisces one cannot "see", cause it has not yet experienced "Ursprung" (original leap), cause in the stage of Pisces all contradictions are yet (or again) united - and the two parties, contradicting one another, I didn't know at that time. Indeed i knew by Josef Roth that in Galicia the hate against the Ruthenians was simmering already 100 years ago, but from Donbass I  only knew that 68 years ago the steppe was fertilized  by the blood of heroes, of people  who outgrew over themselves against the Nazi-Wehrmacht, while they cast their life (Pluto in Leo) into the scale for Mother Russia.
Today i know
that new born child has an old name
it's called like the land of it's forbears

but the lesion of the contagion with hate
is called Lemberg, or Lviv, or Lvov, or Lwow
and last year two days before the takeover
in Kiew it looked like that in Galicia

mind you, before ... the takeover in Kiew
and this is the way it looked on 2. 20. 2014  for the passengers of 5 busses, male and women, who were on the way  back to Crimea from Kiew, where they had protested against the Maidan

I harbor the thought, that only two moments of that kind have been sufficient, to give birth
to the "World-Child" that nobody knew yet, conceived by infamy and outrage.
And I'm inclined to accept, that moments of these kind might have happened within a number of places.
Then followed Odessa and the fuse was burning for a newborn being

* Novorossia 2014
born in the manger of outrage
by people who didn't choose
to play the Jews of 2014

being cast by fate
as the say goes: "wrong place-wrong time"
neighbors only a few house-numbers away
from our address
declared 'under disability'
by the world- center of infamy
on a global scale

abandoned on the scale of state
in the own country
at the rim of the Eurasian Union

What one year ago only the "self" could know (which is speaking in me sometimes and weekly, and what I only can give voice to without understanding for now - Pisces bear that - as it had not yet experienced its origin, as the hymen of dark fate had not yet been torn, as whose bright kernel now fork-lifters, miners and artillery- women of the Don-bass have appeared  to the delight of all friends of humanity, strengthened by masters of  combat from diverse countries, turning out as steadfast in vigorous appearance.
All this showed it to me over the time of one year, as far, as it became sensual comprehensible and the consciousness was ready to sort the contents of conception.
This week now is again birthday of a new vintage of the world-child and every new is little. And who
can endure that is replete with future.
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