Montag, 18. April 2016

Big Inflammation and the Pause of the Heavy Birds

4. 18. - 25. 2016
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kings Conjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
  from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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4. 20. 2016

My teacher used to say
the connection between Uranus and Pluto is
like that of saint and a cleric
saints don't like clerics
and clerics hat saints

this is what appears as quarter

a quarter is a main figure in terms of "resonance"
as in each quarter two  different elements
are resonating
behind the actors  lights 

so Pluto background Capricorn
resonating with
Uranus background Aries
since 2011 

when - and this is big 
these hysteric humanity
hysteric alahu- akbar Games 
hysteric whatever street games
under God's wild heaven
began anew

and twisted as it is
since those fife years
Uranus' light shining in Aries
Pluto's vibrations in Capricorn 
so here is fire and earth
Aries and Capricorn in resonance 

receive it and carry on 
 Heaven and earth in Resonance

Uranus - man - God as I call him

Spirit over spiritfar over consciousness
on easy wings over the beyond
of  natural  eyesight
Uranus the holy man - God in whom the child
will raise to a silent ruler in a world of  fools
together with

Uranus daily oracle of man

in resonance with the hero Pluto
the latter transmitting from Capricorn = beyond temporality doing the bid of the soul in the beyond and it's mirror earth
by filling the souls of the living with vigor
so in the Don-bass as between Damascus and the hell
of the black seizures

Afghanistan was the laboratory
of the uni-polar sorcerer's apprentices around Washington
on the planet
and so now this week again is seizured by this enormous 
inflammation on the planet with which the uni-polars
use to experiment consciously since 
and only the multi-polar Eurasia is owed ...
that a light of hope keeps strong

so further to all of under the northern heavenly hemisphere

so now Venus = the male - mob this week

9°-step through Aries = the inflammation
full outbreak this week
the high grades of spirit- fire- this side- yonder- resonances
in the concreteness of the appearance on Friday
Venus in conjunction with Uranus 
in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn
the heavy in conjunction with the light
on the bottom of ire
this full-resonance for Venus once every year a week - this week
while the commander of the strife
ends the advance till July
meanwhile ... this week also happens to other addresses

Sun and center since Tuesday in Venus' male universe
 of herds and flocks
called Taurus
referring to the gifts of saving
out of which the roots scoop vigor
in the realm of earth

Sun = the give-away

in the realm of the sucker
again this week and also this time again 
in Taurus Mercury the writer  and companion

and ... another address is this  and in his realm Virgo  
Jupiter mandates
the docile son-God 
 the key to father Saturn's chamber 
currently  in Sagittarius

and with this we reached a further resonance-complex of this spring: father - Saturn,
Son Jupiter, Child Neptune, Hunger Mars

and with  Mars' seemingly halt we again have arrived  this meaningful place where in the zodiac is a fiery mark connecting us with the fiery quarter of our our dead relatives since 1603 in the meaning of Father Saturn's and Son Jupiter'  conjunction in fire -  the element of all beginnings. 
And at this noble fire - place in our eon Mars the beginner is to pause in resonance with Neptune - Saturn - Jupiter before his slow regression to and into Scorpio ...

to me now
redemption - end - beginning - timeand the resonances are setting a
wide funnel - chances - narrow door- fate -gem
or innocence - seriousness -  forgiveness

to be united in a rhythmical paradox are challenging

the 13 - the 4 - the 9 - the 3
(acc. to Döbereiner)

catch it or leave it

it's the way it is written by the lights above
or does anybody bet we are going down this weekso saving gallantly - Sun in Taurus
to me the mystery of the week
with the Gods
with my God

all that now as well as beforebeyond but before death
noted and and forgot no one except Moon
whom apparently I'm myself

and like Moon maybe the dream
in day the invisible
invisible maybe like the dead
the all-obtaining
whom to meet each child succeeded

and who sensorily imperceptible constantly resides 

together with the more or less dark shadow

in Virgo till Tuesday in concern for the precious child consciousness
getting to be till Thursday midnight

sucked too deep into the vortex of Venus' constellations
in her realm of encounter till Thursday

but to be safe by distance and with Moon in the indugence

of the soulful  men dealing with the spirits and with the blind 
appearances of the drives

and further till Sunday noon Moon accompanies our
power by waiver
of the soul over the body 
by which Scorpio maintains us
in the blessed modeland Sunday night finds Moon and the dreamers
embracing the spiritual arms in the flight of Sagittarius' arrow
to reconciliation with the recognized target
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