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Kinderland - in Heaven Rules Pisces

 2.  19. - 28. 2018
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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2. 21. 2018

Mars in Sagittarius

as Sagittarius signifies widening
the rule of Mars is widening
Mars 'is' the hunter
huntig fire: blind provocation
called Aries the cat
remedy: not to move

Aries is no Twins
watcher from above
Aries needs to play with the singled victim
Taurus is in a herd

now Sagittarius' play
this year is in Scorpio

fifth mirror

8. Week

Scorpio mirroring in Leo
of the zodiacal 
collective human Selbst
within ones temporal

 waiver for shape

according to
  Pluto in Capricorn

"ring i"
Wolfgang Pauli

and watch on friday
Mars will unite with blue Venus
element air symbolizes thinking
'air' + Mars on Friday
blind pusher and collectress
of thoughts

mirroring 13° Cancer


and all of the week Mars will resonate with Neptune and Venus

and fire's beginning and water's ending
will meet in all of daily paradoxes
and Venus will forget all about it

so much for Mars in Sagittarius' beholding of 
of  zodiacal men

now to his sister Venus
an the the zodiacal women

brick laying
ladie's of the earth
of wealth and balance

now in Pisces

the great yearly
water of oblivion
between Sun and Earth's
southern and northern

with oblivion
 cleaning and resolving
off all foreground 

today Wednesday
one time a year
Venus in 'boat' with Neptune
with her baskets
to fill

 the sister and the kind voice of the 

still alife in us

I tell you the truth, anyone who doesn’t receive the Kingdom of God like a child will never enter it.” Luke 18,17.


god of word and number
in inner and outer universe

now in the kinderland
 of Pisces

Today united with with the olivecolored
Pluto of the earth-element
of 1802

 of the earth-element

a hole within a star and his family
created by 
waiver for shape
the canon = zodiac 
for the 
bearing element


same for

Sun on Sunday 

the fire of the living soul
united with
o live colored

and thereby
both Mercury and Sun

are grooving through Pluto's

6,8° Pisces earth priest

united in pairship of opposits

with 6,8° Virgo
NEPTUN firechild 


heart and center
of a star family
with three members of the family

8. week

in the mirror  of Aries ...
and his guest the toppler Uranus
called spirit

In the Pisces play - of the heavenly
is given:
'cleaning of reason'
whose code only a heart is warm enough
to understand

with Pluto's 6,8° Pisces 
till 2577
command  for waiver
back behind all temporality
into ancestors' soul

Murnau, 19.2.2018 UTC 17:30. + 17:49

In English: 2. 21. 2018, UTC: 17:48


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