Mittwoch, 14. Februar 2018

"Structure-Elements of the Cosmic Order"

once again the quote, Pauli to Jung, 3.  31. 1953

"Thus in order to meet the requirements of both instinct and reason, one has to introduce some structural elements of cosmic order, which "' in themselver are not ascertainable"'. It seems to me that with you this role is mainly taken over by the archetypes.
Wolfgang Pauli to C.G.Jung at 3. 31.  1953

this natur-knowing bold bridging assertion from the physicist to the psychologist

reaffirms the 'primitive 'structural' view:

Aranda, Australia

like the old Asian view

like the modern view
through the macro-lense

Sistergalaxy Andromeda

or the 'micro-lense'


at the cosmic order

gyrating around the mirror of
psyche and physis

founded by the unconscious
called conscience


and today  Venus in Pisces
moves through the common
mirror-point with
Uranus in Aries
the goddess of wealth and justice
after the capitulation of her demons
mirroring in the
power-package man still little
but winged
of Uranus in Aries
on Wednesday/Thursday

2. 13. 2018, in English 2 14, UTC: 21:19

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