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A Rare Kind of Week and a Dancing Mars

 6. 3. - 12. 2019
0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kings -conjunctions
of the Four Colors and Elements 
 Fire, EarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 18021980 and 1305 
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„The structure and physiology of the brain doesn't allow
an explanation of the  consciousness-process. Psyche
owns a property, which isn't to be reduced to any other
 or similar one. Like physiology it represents a relatively
 in itself closed area of experience, to whom insofar
is assigned  a quite peculiar meaning, as it encloses one
 of the two indispensable conditions of being anyway,
 namely the phenomenon of consciousness. Without it
 practically no world exists, which as such only
exist, insofar as it is reflected and expressed by a
 psyche. The consciousness is a condition of being.
By this the psyche is assigned to the dignity of a 
cosmic principle, which assigns to it philosophically
 and de facto - besides the principle of physical being, a 
coequal position. Carrier of this consciousness is
the individual, which doesn't generate psyche arbitrarily,
but conversely is prefigured by it and gradually  fed to
 the  awakening consciousness in childhood. Has psyche
 hence an all commanding relevance, so also has it the 
individual, which  is the solitary immediate phenomenon
of the psyche.

C. G. Jung, Presence and Future,  Coll. W. 10, § 528.
( my translation) 

23. Week 2019

dedicated to a humanity guided by the stars
delighted by a dancing Mars

a rare kind of week this one
no bells ringing from the four elements

no dappled colored crosses in the chart of 'the stars'

this week entirely
I guess belongs to presence
of the gods in and around us
no high and deep interference
by the elements birthdays

but the heavenly presence
 is deep enough below 
our sensual consciousness
belonging to the realm of
unconsciousness and  permanent  perfection
of all successful psycho-physical 'marriages'
we are existing in
and of

 but man can draw, man can model.
 God is math, in all chambers of the universe
 God is meaning in the center and the circle
 Zodiac is a prayer of a child
 of never ending wisdom
 Codified by our ancient ancestors
 in the times of early civilization

the later is the realm of Venus
with her social instinct called 
miracle in man
 key to civilization

Now the Venus in us and around us
spends till Sunday
the regiment in her own realm
Venus in Taurus 
unharmed in perfect

since Sunday
Venus in Twins
then adds to Sun
ruled by Mercury
teller and talker
in Cancer shuffles
near and in the waters
of Earth's 
 a time of feelings
ire and talking
on  three possible levels


the unconscious genius *** in us
looks for
the best
for each of us 
 living zodiacs

currently and till Sunday increasing
is a resonance
between Jupiter
and Sun

concerning a 7° time-funnel around
each Planet hence
 what are the calling for

Jupiter calls fire
Neptune calls water
Sun in Twins calls air

it should be a cleaning bath for Jupiter
always being surrounded by the moons of
vanity mirroring in his splendor

this cleaning by Pisces is astrologically the last stage
of everything:
Pisces = letting be
Jupiter square Neptune 
all summer in common resonance
letting be is the chance to become new

and on Sunday the two are added by our  Sun in Twins with it's brightness in discrimination in the outer world.


A forecast

Saturn + Pluto continue to be in a resonance
by a 3° -distance-(rotating) time- funnel
(and so are all the folks in square around their grades)
it's a mighty collective resonance in Capricorn
so not seen since 500 years when the Protestant revolution started,
which is supposed to seize us under the northern sky

31. 10. 1517
Luthers 95 Theses at Wittenberg

Next year Jupiter will enter Capricorn 
and the close resonance with
Saturn + Pluto + Jupiter
The spiritual keeper of the measures + the emotional crystal of life
 + the brain of conciliation

this more conciliatory version was 500 years ago not 'in the cards'.

Entwurf: 2. 6. 2019, UTC 15:11.
Murnau 3. 6. 2019, UTC 14:09.
und 14:45.

In English: 6. 5. 2019, UTC: 16: 47. and 17:06.


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