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The Gardener's Heart and the Mindful Stranger

7. 8. - 17.  0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kings -Conjunctions
of the Four Colors and Elements 
 Fire, EarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 18021980 and 1305 
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28. Week

Who is concerned with astrology meets the 
danger of hubris. The more the consciousness
deals with the infiniteness and everlastingness,
the more the ego has to shrink into bittiness
with it's mechanisms of impatience, avarice 
and  curiosity. The pure I-myself might 
become carrying by touch of God, touching the 
eternal man in one, so that soul might take roots
in the Cancer - family-stream -systems. It is
the ordering power of Cancer in and around us, 
streaming family-love, carrying life.

The chronicler,  himself  Cancer-ascendant, had just a Capricorn-son and Cancer- daughter in law plus 11 - months - old Aries- ascendant Cancer - daughter intimate week visit in the cave of the old. Inconceivably exhilarating.

28. Week 2019

assorted by the zodiac into our responsibilities
according to the 'wave-lengths' of the gods
of whom Mars has the shortest line
corresponding to the blindness of a beginner
starting by momentum
in Leo
 a start of heart
of a give away
like Sun
in the family

Mars + Mercury
in Leo
the urge for expression
the verbal risen stick
Mercury the swift and easier
brother of the Earth
is imparting 
in Leo
of the heart


in Cancer our hearts  star
meets the resonance of the father
of Capricorn
 +brother  Pluto
of Scorpio

here they meet to unite the most common
= Saturn/Capricorn

with the most private 
= Sun (heart)/Cancer

Life + gardener
cutting the withered shoots
obtaining the living stem

 wondrous arrangements
of life
tailored by Saturn
moving into visibility
since last week

according to
opposition Saturn + Pluto
= heart
+ seniority + parent -ship


at last
ruling Taurus and Libra
like pub and bed
moving in Cancer
yearning to take tender roots of soul

Venus in Cancer
roots in soul
clan roots
carrying all life


and the joiner
son of the father
ruler of Sagittarius
hence himself this year
another week
in resonance with the birthday of
 'blue' Venus of the air-element
signifying new worlds
of thinking and loving 

being in square with brother Neptune
the divine marvel
in each new-born
given to parents for preservation
and care

Archetypes of son and child are interconnected


and finally the two which firstly
caught our eyes
Mars and Mercury
on the playground of Leo
the risk-taker
 our energy and discernment
now experiencing 
the Resonance of Uranus the toppler's
spirit of man
in Taurus
the mindful  stranger
 in the flock

Entwurf, Murnau 7. 7. 2019 UTC: 15:42

Murnau, 8. 7. 2019, UTC : 15:00.

In English: 7. 10. 2019, UTC: 15:30.


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