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Today a Pack of 7 Years, 2019 - 2026, was Delivered for the Northern Hemisphere.

7. 15. - 24.   0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kings -Conjunctions
of the Four Colors and Elements 
 Fire, EarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 18021980 and 1305 
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29. Week

God is simply present
just as we are
inconceivably unlikely
but both we are present
irrational given
comprising everything

C.G. Jung
The Psychology of Transference
§ 395

"The lunatic destruction and devastation is
the reaction to the dislodgement of the 
consciousness out of the balanced stage.
There namely is a balance between the psychic
 I and not- I, a religio meaning a  m e t i c u l o u s
consideration of the present unconscious powers,
which one doesn't neglect without danger. This
turn around due to the change of the state of
consciousness has prepared already since centuries."

and there is predictable
each Earth-year a July
like each bright day is followed by a night
and accordingly to midnight
in the zodiac the deepest low is Cancer
and to it's goddess Luna/Moon
the heavenly door to July is open

Why is astrology so discredited? Answer: cause it is so easy and accurate, simple like the truth which is evident to each child: simple is good. For us is cared by heaven. Why should God hate us, aren't we the mirror of loving improbability, we being so unimaginable felicitous from the elements till the danced around atom self, from which all demonic inflated mania steadily endeavors to drive the herds of children away. Children love heaven, balm - bestarred sitting in the lap of an elder.

Now to the actual bio-mighty meaning of this special week each year, of this actual Wednesday July 2019. Why? Deep underneath of our consciousness aka surface,  we are displayed by the incredible subtle mix of and in four aggregate stages, the medieval called it 'Elements'.

Now today it's the second element 
whose heart has another birthday
for the entire northern hemisphere
under the sky

Now  the historical interesting level
of  rhythms is the 7

Hence this diary is besides that of the current weeks, the diary of the 'Septars', which translate years into seven years, beginning with the birth. Hence in the collective hindsight, an open guide-book of collective things happening opens to the eyes.

What could teach astrology simpler than a look at the chart of  Washington, for the today completed last seven years of the earth-element, showing, what is beyond of all civilization the unconscious urge of the earth-signs:
Capricorn = ethic
Virgo = prudence
Taurus = sociality 
Washington, Earth-Element 2012 - 2019
The blind impulse to attack.

Now, we are still breathing, nothing is lost, and a new Sun has risen over the earth element's new recipe for the mix of four.

Sun this morning met
earth - Sun 
24,5° Cancer
of 17. 7. 1833
UTC 10:33

32. Septar of the latest Kings-conjunction in the earth-elementNorthern Hemisphere2019 - 2016

allocated over the Northern Hemisphere
the locations find their places
32. Septar Earth-Element
UTC 10:33 Berlin
2019 - 2026

Berlin is the appearance of Libra = balance
Venus in house 9 in Twins  = joint gatherings for conciliation

32. Septar Earth-Element
UTC 10:33 Moskau
2019 - 2026

Moscow is also  the appearance of Balance 
however in house 8. meaning: = model for the collective of man

32. Septar Earth-Element
UTC 10:33, Washington
2019 - 2026

Washington is the appearance of sovereignty = Leo
ruled by Sun
in house 12 = resolution
it's sovereignty is currently not in world and time
but immersed in the waters of past and future
of which all new times emerge

And Uranus the toppler in his man-god-the thinker- sign Aquarius
in house 7 encountering

The septar of Washington resembles that of Middle Europe
between Paris and Kiew in the last 7 years.

31. Septar Earth-Element 17.7.2012
2012 - 2019

now back to 2019 - 2026

Washington has not only the Sun in 12 but also Moon in con-junction
both with Neptune in opposition meaning: double solution. 

This pack of 7 years belongs in Washington like the last seven years in US-Vasall Europe
solely the preparing of new(old) truths and the sovereignty of will is not in world and presence.
What a chance to clean America with the waters of prudence

While Europe is where China was the last seven years

last 31. Septar; Earth-Element
2012 - 2019

and here Beijing the next seven Years

32. Septar Earth-element Bejing
Saturn in house 8, meaning
Papa Beijing for 7 years as model of prudence

So much for an first overview.


Murnau, July 17. 2019. 18:15.


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