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5 Powers Focused by Sun

8. 7- 14.  0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kings -Conjunctions
of the Four Colors and Elements 
 Fire, EarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 18021980 and 1305 
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32. Week

" We merely understand those kind of thinking
that is nothing but an equation, out of which
never emerges more than has been put in.
That's the intellect. But beyond of it there is 
a thinking in primeval images, in symbols,
 being older than man, inborn to him since yore,
outlasting all generations, eternally  alive, filling
 the undergrounds of our soul. Wholly life is only
possible in accordance with them, wisdom is
recurrence to them. Actually it's neither a matter
 of  of believe nor of knowledge, but of accordance
of our  reasoning with  the primeval images of our 
unconsciousness, which are the inconceivable
mothers of any thought, which ever our 
consciousness is able to  excogitate.  And one 
of these primeval images is the idea of a life 
beyond death."

C. G. Jung, Seelenprobleme der Gegenwart, (Soul-Problems of the Presence),  1931, p. 273

Primeval images are whose closed circle the zodiac presents. 

32. Week 2019

apparent at first glance
one of the twelve

  as ruler of Leo
Mercury reenters Leo

each one of us is Leo somewhere
in the house
where Leo
since his birth-moment

no wonder
in this house then are together 
 Sun = expression
Mars = urge
Venus = balance
Mercury = reason
for two weeks

all our near neighbors
as star-childs are sharing

Mars the bold and blind 
following an impulse
to be single
and kick
by heart

Venus with the balance
of the heavy and the easy weights
the walls and laws

with Sun
pump of God
in every living center

well and
trickster intellect
combing the dreams
of god
for reason
in acts of love is
the entire strata
of the lower half of the zodiac

apart from 
the lowest essence
whose moods are turning
with  the travels of Moon
through the holy zodiac

and behold
Venus ' essence embraces
as the only one from above
as the arrival of meaning
in the balance of sexes
in blessed

beyond that
Leo is being
 the mirror of  Scorpio
in the consciousness of man

meaning will be
mirrored by 
hot want
that the opus might

heaven above the horizon
mirrored in fire, earth, air and water
below the horizon

in the Horoscope of the great man

2019 32. Woche

 ice of  form
calling the embers of soul
to fulfill
with passion
the eternal forms of life
given by the fathers
whereby meaning
might become 
in waiver of

Murnau, Wednesday 8. 7. 2019, UTC 15:52.

Murnau, 5. 8. 2019, UTC: 14:57.

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