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On the the Rise and Downfall of Rome's German Empire

This an attempt to augment Saker's great unified picture of 1.000 years Christendom.

As a 'Guru' (meaning: 'taker away of darkness') to me he virtually crossed my way 2014 , when I was appalled by the rape  of Russian language (= home of soul of many) officially, one  day  I read Saker's "Beauty will safe the world" and I liked, how he educated me essentially

Now this 'essential' thing, is a political one as well as a spiritual one, a matter-affair in the mirror of an affair of the psyche.

Here I share in Saker's cafe the free new continent of thinking, where multi polar individuals emerge by the occurrences in freedom of dance and poetry and astrology among man

In my history of an astromaniac since I was 39 and a maniac of meaning at the expense of the physics of the universe beyond our Star-Family I happen to have been astrologically a bit at home since some 15 years, (see my essay of 2005).

In my recognition crucial for 1054 is the Kings-Conjunction of the two biggies in our Sun-Family, Jupiter and Saturn, meeting every 20 years  in a major rhythm as an  unconcious collective pattern concerning the things of the quarter-part of the universe, namely  the earth element (in the astrological assignment of four elements ruling the 'signs and times').

Well the earth-wold had it's forelast Kings-conjunction on 11. 8.l. 1007

11. 8. 1007
UTC 0:46

Mind the ruler-ship of Scorpio over Sun, the center = Sun is in the 'house of the priest',
and Pluto the ruler of Scorpio is at home, grasping the Kaiser = Sun at the throat.

In the mirror we realize a Leo (= center) not only without any material power, hence the wreck of the Stauffer-Dynasty, but even more,  the center (= the Kaiser) is possessed by his mirror 'enemy',  personated by the cleric center against  kind of which the founder of Christianity had rebelled and testified.

Changing the aeon

Follows the configuration for the entire northern hemisphere of the planet since 1802, when the current configuration appeared in the new Kings-conjunction  in the realm of the  earth-element

7. 17. 1802
current Kingsconjunction
in the element earth 
on the three levels of:
Capricorn : spirit
Virgo : soul
Taurus : matter

Mind the extinguisher Neptune of 1802 at the place, where 1007 was the home of the "two swords-church" - obsessed by the imperial inclination of the rulers in Rome to posses both, the 'worldly sword' and the 'spiritual sword'.

The executer of Neptune's extinguishment  of 1007 was Napoleon. His imperial act was executed 1803.

1. 4. 1803
Secularization of church's property in the
'Holy Roman Realm of Germany'
Neptune exactly on the Pluto of 1007

Pluto/Scorpio is basically 
collective property
of spiritual brothers
in opposition to the brotherhood of peasants and their cattle
in Taurus's villages

Murnau, 8. 1. 2019, UTC 20: 14.


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