Mittwoch, 11. November 2020

It's a Souls-Week


11. 9 - 11. 18. 2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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Image of God

"... that I'm standing on Kantian ground, what is
 to say,  that an assertion doesn't set its object. If hence I 
speak of "God", so  solely I speak of assertions, which do 
not set their objects. About God himself therefore I haven't
asserted nothing, cause according to my premise, about God
per se  nothing also can be asserted. All assertions refer to
 the psychology of the   image of God. The validity of such
 assertions is hence never a metaphysical one, but  always
only a psychological one. All my assertions ...[have] not the 
remotest to do with theology, but are, like I said, only 
findings in relation to psychological matters of fact."

C.G. JUNG,Letters

About God astrology also has nothing to assert, other than God  being the father of the gods, who share the space around Sun, from Mercury till Pluto. 

On the zodiac, tables of the night,  applies, what JUNG above says: being  images of God's gods as a psychological assertion of the early urban civilizations, which were preceded by hundreds of thousands of years of hunting and gathering and some thousand years of cultivating mankind under the nightly starry heavens.

And this mankind was hundred thousands of years a dreaming, watching one in whose souls natural gods were living like the Mantis with the  San. And very slowly, with the cultivators another organ emerged: thinking, inferring, recognizing, beginning with counting, writing and noting periods, which eventually out-crystallized in the zodiacs.

This out-crystallizing in astrology is matter of Pluto, and is 'at home' in the second water-sign Scorpio as crystal of the canon of the 12, containing the entire stream, paling the entire circle to unity.
As for the crystals, an example: whom did the HMS TITANIC meet at 4.14.1912 at UTC 3:07 at 27,2° Twins?

46. Week


heart and center
of living organ
deep in Scorpio
giving strength by waiver
helping Taurus own-saturation
to reach a balance
Leo and Aquarius
for service

this week 
today  to the point
Sun with Neptune
of the earth-element
at 18,9 Scorpio

ruler of begin and end
let be
let the unknown
it's known way


This week till next Monday solely in
the soul-part of the circle
Leo - Scorpio
5th and 6th mirror


out- and in-breaker
buoyancy to the surface
of  sunken truths

end of week
end of Libra
end of Capricorn

looking for a form for the
square between
presence and 
in waiver 
and dispensation

likewise Venus 
meets next Monday at
24,1° Libra
blue Pluto 
 counterpart in meaning
to her Taurus-nature
placing the idea of waiver
into the airy  realm of
granting intercourse
without border


back today in Scorpio
a third time united with
at 0,8° Scorpio
 Kingsconjunction in the  element water
clear rulers of the height
of the element water
as for the coldness of the height
attendant in the form of crystals

a day where Mercury
the analyzer and presenter
in us
leads to the essence of the zodiac
in  faith 
into the uniting Symbol
of the double-circle
whose manifestation is the magic of

coming Monday at
7,1° Scorpio
another authority of the
is met again

Uranus of the water-element
clean thinking
 in the 
medium of feeling

in the height 
of the ruler of Aquarius
water is clouds
on their way to manifestation

on Tuesday 
in alignment with
 Moon of the element air
the opposite to Monday:
feeling in the element of thinking

Murnau, 11. 11. 2020, UTC: 18:08



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