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Sun and Heart - from Boundless to Borderless in the Crystals of Scorpio

 11. 2 - 11. . 2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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Act of reflection

" ... appears the raising of consciousness of man as result
of preforming, archetypal processes or - expressed  metaphysically -
as a part of the divine living process, w.o.w. :  God becomes revealed
in the human act of reflection."

C.G.JUNG, Psychological Interpretation of the Trinity-Dogma, § 238

"Reflection  might not be understood as mere act of thinking, but 
rather as a conduct. Reflection is a  reservation of human freedom
towards the coercion of the nomologicallyness, like the word 'reflexio',
implies, namely re-flexion, with reflection  it's a matter of an act in the
 reverse meaning of the natural process, namely a stopping, a 
recollection of oneself, an image - design and an inner reference on
 and a contestation with what has been looked at."

ibid. footnote 100

"The Holy Spirit as breath of life and conduct of love and likewise
as third person in it's meaning of  'third' and of  culmination of the
trinitarian process is essentially a  reflected one and as nooumenon
hypostasized added to the natural image of the Father-Son."

ibid. § 236

It is a capability, being ascribed to Mercury with the alchemists:'habet mille nominae". Lord of the words, hence, reflecting God as the lord of the beginning - to comprehend, other beginnings than that of Mars, which are blind and impulse progress before any reflection.

Maybe it is right, to say, astrology relates to psychology like the number to the word.

Mercury at least represents the 3 in the physical world (1 - 4) Twins, like in the emotional world (5-8) Virgo. Hence: no compromise without Mercury.

The two antagonisms which deserve the compromise are Aries/Mars - fire,  and Taurus/Venus - earth, of single predator and herd-vegetarian.

The traditional assignment of Venus to Taurus and Libra, earth and air, implies, that the pair or company successfully faces the teeth of the single predator

The zodiac, only about 5.000 years projected in notations, must not only have had validity since the beginning of the Earth, but must have been consistent anytime, significantly non temporal - like the numbers at any place in universe, like  electrons circling around the proton-kernels, like planets anytime circling around their stars and Angels God.

45. Week

Let' start with the center in universe
of the large
the middle
and the small


heart and center of the living
in high fall of the year
in Scorpio
the one-sidenesses
of sprouting

Sun begins the week in the union with the Neptune of the water-element. As Lord of Pisces Neptune is always the spirit of the complete natural circles, which in the child - simile of the circling waters - perfectly and unconsciously do God's work. 

The 2. of November, All Souls Day unites with the deepest secret, because, where waters are gathering in the deepest depths of the earth, there is Neptune, the child and Lord of the boundless waters, playing it's plays on the ground of the sea eternally.

This last Monday was it, the All Souls Day in the soul of the catholic believers, which unites the living with the living souls of the death. Beyond that, in the Neptunian soul of the children every day is All Souls Day.

So, 2. November green Neptune receives each year since 1305 - the last Kingsconjunction in the water-element- at 10,5° in Scorpio the union with the Sun.

A must- do day of meditation, uniting one with the 2. creation of man by man in man called 


so Lao Tse
that enough virtue
has been 

so Jesus
"Truly I tell you, 
anyone who will not receive 
the kingdom of God
 like a little child 
will never enter it.” 
(1. Lk. 18,17.)

Also the opposition of Sun with Uranus might be considered, which since last till this week will have been uniting spirit with soul, heaven  with heart in complementary togetherness.

And Sun ends ' our' week next Wednesday in union with the Neptune of the earth-element at 18,9° Scorpion.  Will it be in union with a moment at the edge of crystalline  matter becoming floating, or reverse, floating stuff becoming crystalline? Man will have to watch Sun at 18,9° Scorpio since 1802.

So much about the parable of heart and Sun.


Energy rage pain  
in the spring of outburst
figurative like literally
infection and ignition
after the weekend

Mars in Aries


Venus in Libra

longed for copulation
providing  tranquility for
at last
after the union 
of opposites


goddess of gravity and easiness
in the balance of
in the borderless 
air -Element
of the inner images
arousing the 
indolent matter
for the 

Today, Wednesday union of Venus with the superior authority in the air-element, the blue Archetypes of father Saturn and Son Jupiter of the Kingsconjunction in the element air 0f  12. 31. 1980.
At the house, where we are Taurus and Libra there is the intensity Venus is receiving by Saturn's and Jupiter's  spiritual impact.


back again on the way
reason a last week
in the service of
the "Self" of Mercury
is in square with
since last week
for uniting
well constitutedness

Murnau, Wednesday, 11. 4. 2020, UTC: 18:15.

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