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The Two Double-Rulers in Virgo's Prudence with the Energy of the Beginner Mars- what a Complex for Reflexion in the Mirror of Love


8. 9. - 18. 2021. 0:00 UTC
under the northern Zodiac 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
in the four colors and elements 
fire, earth, air  and water  of the years 

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From the Gnosis of the Sethians and Ophites

" Seth und Norea: ... the remain of mankind as progeny. 
They were urged to all kinds of malice by the lower  sevenness,
like also to renunciation,  superstition and to a general 
contempt for all, what the upper sevenness  was concerned with,
as the mother always stealthy opposed them and secretly kept,
 what solely  belonged to her: that is the irrigation with light. 
Still more, they claim, the holy sevenness are the seven stars, 
which they call planets."

The 'sevenness' in antiquity were the two lights - Sun and Moon and the fife  for our eyes  visible planet-children of our Sun-star.

In our zodiacal reflection we have the six lower 'Gods' ruling the six lower signs of the zodiac:


of them two - so is the tradition since millennia - rule a double-realm:

Venus and Mercury

body and soul
Taurus and Libra

 physical world and soul
Twins and Virgo

whereat Venus
is leading the wheeler
of love
= space for two
 overtaking  from Libra
leads home
 according to
the miracle
of self-conquesting
accompanying helpfully the way home
which our old-age

32. Week 2021

where the spiritual valuables
of the upper six
are to be mirrored by
the lower six
according to the 
Gnostics and astrologers
for the salvation
of mankind

whereat the demons of the lower six
with their
deem to have
hopelessly eaten all the
 of the dead whose
front in time
we are

who has the symbol
is having
already  half of the world
so is said

and who reconciles
the lower with the upper
despite all
ignite the common
of time

Irritability in the encounter is with the Virgo ascendant maximal. She  delivers Aries' Mars, from 8 to 7 in the sixth mirror of encounter.

the roaring child of light
heats further the material world
on Earth
what should be heated
is the soul-world
it lacks warmth and sympathy
soul at this time
rarely  finds time or space
therefore possibly
like before and still
 the waters
 the fire are over-floating
by lack of inner soul-world
into material world
water + fire lacking soul
where they  belong
are urged
into the outer natural world

Mars and Venus
push and counterblast
further sharing
skit and disbelief
in Virgo

while Mercury
today is striking the colors
of sovereignty
leaving Leo
now hoisting the colors of
in Virgo's 
knowledge of given

And it should be noted the transit of Uranus, Sun and Mercury over the Uranus and Neptune of the fire element and Venus and Saturn/Jupiter of the earth-element. These incidences of specific resonances - one should take them into observation.

spirit of heaven in physical world
Sun in Leo - emotion of soul
Mercury in Virgo - reflection of soul

32. Week 2021

And notice: like the meteorologist so does the astrologer take note of what is approaching, physically like symbolically.

2021 32. Week

Like in meteorology, so in astrology, like in nature so in spirit; there is no vacuum, there is only chaos and in gyrations of order the light up of spirit in nature via generations  and generations.

God? God separates the steward logos from chaos - therefore the constant tidying up in the darkness of the unconsciousness, which the  unconscious Anthropos acquiesces in, waiting to become interesting for mankind in the human project of zodiacal consciousness.

Murnau, 8. 11. 2021, UTC: 16:.07 u. 16:24.


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