Montag, 15. November 2021

November 17 - US Unconsciously Shifting from Provocation to Confusion



The current 7-month-period from April 17. to November 17. 2021 is coming to an end. It was carried by the meaning of Aries/Mars = blind provocation and likewise by the mechanisms of  Libra/Venus = balance.

Now following are 7 months of confusion = Pisces/Neptune on the level of meaning. Neptune in house 6 signifies fog in the house of 'fine-tuning'- connected in Opposition with childlike weak Sun and Moon = feeling and action-potential in house 12. This doubles the Neptunian impact: 1. Neptune, 2. !2 house
on   Moon and Sun = feeling and acting.

On the level of action (house5) there rules relinquishment = Scorpio/Pluto under a (provocative) concept of single-sided (Aries) gaining or securing  territory (Mars house  2).

Murnau, 11. 15. UTC: 22:09.


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