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In Focus: the Current Archetypus of 'man' lost in the West- And The New Time


1. 23. - 2. 1. 2023

0:00 UTC
Under the Zodiac
Above the Northern Hemisphere
of the Earth


Mose 2. 19.

2. Genesis
19. And out of the ground the LORD God formed
every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air;
 and brought them unto Adam to see what he would 
call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living
 creature, that was the name thereof.

'post hoc ergo propter hoc' ('after, hence because') the clasiscal wisdom of philosophical stickybeak to load the 'because' with al kinds of crap. The genesis text notes explicitly:  'to see what he would call them'. That tells of God having noticed the apparent flaw with Adam: his naming- it doesn't meet the divine truth: Adam needs help -  follows the creation of the coadjutrix.

the projection of God
in man Mose
has discovered the truth
hidden in unconsciousness
formulated in the myth:

Adam does not need
a helper
but a female one
a coadjutrix


In the current dramatic phase of human geopolitic, in which the contours of a new world-order becoming visible, conscious travelers are fascinated by this drama, playing out in the highest realm of the collective outer world: 

the kollective planetary
 man of the north
since a certain time 
is doing
 another human step 
into maturity
 which he currently
clearly consummates

But this fascination by the outer world's happening means - and this  crucially has to remain in hunman consciousness als as far reaching a distraction off the inner world, in the contemporaries.  Result is a delay in the maturing of the soul of each induvidual. These questions are for the moment on the siding: Who are we? Why are we like this? Which inner forces and shapes are commandeering us? Who deflects us?

This is the essece of human astrology - 
no other ding-place is given
psalm 82.
the gods as God's children
God's claim

These questions taking us in front of the main question: can man mature  in the outer life, whithout  she/he is in  their wisdom accompanying the child in quietness?

For the mundane astrologer in the west there is this focus: the current archetypus of  'man' as problem: we in the west have lost the archetype of the father.

Thereby the father cannot get lost,  in no sense, course he is spirit - Capricorn - true to scale, non-temporal ever there, but, but he, the father, he can get lost in the consciousness - the problem of the West: it is the psychic father-world on the planet, which is gathering with Vladimir Putin and Sergei Lawrow and their living multipolar model of Russian  civilization, a model for the entire Planet of mutual respect and common utiliy by the human abilities of this divine creature: man.

Uranus - man-god on the basis of Taurus

in the  human herd, -tribe, - kin, - security) happening
 by the attendance of man-god Uranus 
origin of  of new 
social borders.

84 years ago 
Uranus was
last time in 

What was possible there and then had red and brown, speak communistic and facistic  portents. But the utopical man Uranus was only there attendant where the heart was communistic, independent from the flag, while in the red realm each opportunist soon strted to wave the red flag. Any time real communism is an inner secret without explanatory  gestus. 

Meanwhile 84 years ago rich capitalistic 'communists' by heart endowed 'human-islands in America and Europe.

Today it is for all who are interested apparent, that the pure endowments no longer happen in the west, but in the east. The debauched red mother KPdSU has left behind a collective child: communists in the heart within the Russian  State, determining the way of liberation from the pirate overlords of mankind and their constantly endowed counter-world.
*) the 'last non-corrupted in the KPdSU are in the -KGB', a quote somewhere in the Prawda of 1988/1989, vouched by mundanomaniac. The human policing KGB was the division 5, I remember, with that the other departments had nothing to do. Out of the east is coming 

the new world
from thousand
 and more years old
 The Russians alone
 never been conquered.

And the new time, when did it beginn? Personalized apparently around the turn of the millenium. V.V.Putin, law- studied, child of communistic and orthodox worker-parents in Leningrad, became shortly one after another Prime Minister and then President, carried by  God and his loyal colleages of the security.ministeries.

His fundamental first step was the assembly of the powerful oligarch-billionairs in a circle in the Kremlin, where he made unambiguously clear, that they have to pay taxes and strictly have to stay out of the state.

By this the first steps of a true socialistic civilization were done in the realm of a christian collective image, which naturally no man can truely  imagine from outside, as they are also invisible for any 'eye' but heart.

Back to the current return of the man-god Uranus within the border- and tribe-world of the Taurus-Venus which till spring 2026 grants (evershrinking) time, to harvest the futurous yield of human spirit  for the coming century.

4. Week2023
Uranus - 7 years per sign.

What the second mirror of the human horizon currrently shows, is aboce the fatherly spirit Saturn in the sign of the boundless human spirit Aquarius together with the human-spirit-part of the bounds being set by Venus, her youthful border-lifting appearance.

This week now ads solely to what has happened so far, that the human Venus in Aquarius unites her divine part in heavenly humility with the invisible father.

unification in spirit
of all
by Venus
of all
with Saturn
of all

gives this week the harvest-character. Mind you, it is a Venus/Saturn-harvest, father's tribe worldwide yield of becoming mature on the tree of human insight in great humble persons 

4. Week 2023

remaining with rage
undestructible energy
becoming temporal
in the sight
 of Mars

 apparently and
seemingly constant being
since second half of August
in Twins
outside of the borders
of territory
in the realm of streets and ways
mirroring Capricorn's 
new old state
in whose  authority
Mercury and Pluto 
effecting as
knowledge and readyness for sacrifice
mirroring in the rage
and operative clearness
n Twins
of Mars
whose Aries is 
by Jupiter
a year residing in

while the heart

wants to be mirrored
together with
Saturn and Venus
(the latter till Friday)
by Taurus
the herds-man in us
with his 
human spirit

since Friday then
immersion of Venus
from the spiritual heights of
down to the depths of feeling
of the childly-innocent
soul Pisces a
change into the cleaning
and dissolving in the milieu of
for matters

it's the primal-cleaning of the body-and soul-motives
 happening again and again
being set by the Christ
as example

Murnau, 1. 25. 2023, UTC: 16:49 (ASC 15° LEO) and 18:00.


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