Freitag, 10. Februar 2023

After 42 Years of Astrology - a Greenhorn Mistake by an Oldtimer

 Its embarrassing, but has happened: in my two charts of the earthquake of February 6. I mistook universal time (UTC) as local time. Hence the analysis was wrong. Funny thing , the wrong moment showed meaninful results.  It was not the first time that way...

Now to the true moment of the first shock: 

2.6.2023, UTC:  1:17:34, Magn.: 7,7

Its a Sagittarius-moment, with ruler Jupiter in Aries = the energy- condition. The Sagittarius-effect traditionally is read as an expanding one.

The moment doesn't strike any of the positions of the current constellation.

But the Ascendant is quite close to the red Sun of the current valid Kingsconjunction in fire-element

The expanding condition of Sagittarius is augmented by the Sun at 26° Sagittarius. Fire Sun, 26° Sagittarius is the brightest and presumably the most expanding place in the whole current zodiac.

And also close to the Neptune of the Kingsconjunction in the air-element,

The 'blue' element air has with Neptune at 23° the place of dissolution deep in the depth. With Sagittarius' ruler in Aries the effect of it is bound to be in real matter's energy-condition. 

The second shock at 10:25 UTC near to Karhamanmaras doesn't show anything of meaningful significance.

Bottom line:

Point analyses like this  one don't allow more general assertions about 'earthquake-constellations'. In a later time, in an evolved astrological civilization with thousands of such analyses it might be possible to contribute astrologically to the security of mankind at dangerous spots on our home-planet.

Concerning the Kingsconjunctions in the four elements generally  confer:

only German, try yandex,

Murnau: 2. 10. 2023, UTC: 16:00.

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