Dienstag, 7. Februar 2023

Two Catastrophic Moves 10 Km. Deep in Turkey's Earth

 The earthquake's first shake:

2.6.2023, 1:17:34

Scorpio = sacrifices
Mars = Energy
in Taurus = earth

The shock happened, when the encounter hit the 16,7° of Taurus, which since 1803 markes the energy of Mars for 775 years (1802 - 2577) in the Kingsconjunction on the earth-element.

Kingsconjunction of 7.17.1802
Transit 2. 6. 2023, 1:17:34

7 minutes earlier at the encounter-point (descendant) descended the current Uranus at 15° Taurus. Uranus always signifies a vertical movement, in case of  Taurus = in earth.

A second strong shock occured at

This one also strictly reacted with the Kingsconjunctions constellation. Here is why:

2. 6. 2023, 19:24:49
near Karamanmaras
transit Kingsconjunction in earth-element 
of 7. 17. 1802

Ascendant, descendant ist 1° beside the main double square/opposition of this Kingsconjunction. It connects double sacrifice = two times Pluto, with life = Sun. Further the MC (medium coeli), signifying what is just entering time has Sun = Life in Capricorn = beyond time, names on headstones.

Such striking meaningful synchronicities of moments of terrestrial occurences with  constellations of  the  Kingsconjunctions show again and again that  anything on  Earth is synchronized  with the rhythms of the Sun-system.

Man's doings, as far as they are unconscious = pure natural, are equally underlying them, hence the rationality of astrology as a psycho/physical discipline.

The latest strikig example was the erruption of the undersea-vulcano Hunga-tonga-hunga-ha'apai. In this case not the positions of the Kingsconjunction, but that of the current constellation appeared significant at the moment of the event.

1. 15. 2022,  UTC: 4 :10

 Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai

 20, 9° S. / 175, 6°  W.

Murnau, 2. 7. 2923, UTC: 12:37.

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