Montag, 30. Juni 2014

One More Time the Cross of Elements

30. 6. - 7.7. 2014
below the northern Zodiac
and below the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four Elements Fire, Earth, Air und Water
from the years 1603, 1802, 1980 und 1305
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„ This ist the primal state of things
and likewise the desirable finishing point,
namely the unification of elements
which eternely are faced with another as opposites.
The conflikt rests, and all is yet or again,
in primeval condition
of indistinguishable  harmony.“
C. G. Jung, Ges. W. Bd. 18/1,  S. 185.

today it appears to me, we start with Neptune
Pisces shelters Neptune the child
in Pisces is the love of God to his child
in the mirror of the delivering women - the cry
im Spiegel der Gebärenden – der Schrei

and Venus with her herds and stages
is shaken by the child in heaven
wird erschüttert vom Kind am Himmel
out of the  "indistinguishable  harmony.“

in Cancer as midnightsun in zodiac
covers the second week on the boat
adrifting down from the well

Sun in opposition to Pluto
united in the pain
of the contrast of passion and abandonmant

Mercury of heaven
Mercury today (monday) in the home of fire
24,8° Twins from Kingsconiunction of 1603

Mercury om man
Mercury invalid Mercury
Mercury sick Mercury in our heads
Mercury may only be mediator
only "the third"
never partisan
never discord

cure of Mercury in Europe
that's the saying in me
would be to choose Germany
little divine colossus
your 3
your Mercury still suffers partisanship
and thus is in a mindless way
a torn Mercury
- specially in us Germans -
in Europa

Uranus und mans Mercury gods of the air
man god and arbiter god
tormented by men
beeing not in the first place humans  but U k r a i n i a n s

Non-humans by turning a blind eye
conected in pain with their opposites
verbunden im  Schmerz mit ihrem Gegenüber
out broken ire on the of the gentiles stage
Uranus opposition Mars

and thus once again the cross
of water air
earth and fire
being connected by a sound Mercurial euphony with Sun
by brain with heart under inclusion of Pluto the waiver
what for? connected
with Sun
to the only middle in the center
by which the orbital emerges
connecting all
with its wandering lights
on the pathways of the pictures
which we all are wired with
like the picture
which Saturn indicates
in its timeless truth
of the unification
of cross and serpent

I am a manna that you will be in need of in the desert
the voice speaks where it will

this week Saturn
and his measure in the timelessness
in reonance
to the blind ire of the element
of earth

and around the grade of earth Mercury since 1802
Jupiter is drifting these weeks through unknown known riversides
of prehuman history

and remaining as ever…
the deficit between the gods in the sky
an the gods under humans
according to the
above model

while the boat of tranquility starting in Lion
glides through the abilities of our souls towards
the marriage with her guests
in Libra on weekend

Originally written 30.6.2014, UTC 14:44 in Murnau
Posted: UTC 14:46


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