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The Spring of Venus and the Blessing of these Aquarius-Days

1. 30. - 2. 6. 2017
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
    of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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2. 3. 2017

entry of Venus in Aries

"most notably important thing"

this week 

after purgatory in Pisces

a new Venus

springtime for Venus

forever ruling 

our social-gen


a circle

and our pairing- gen


two scales 

Venus is now the third God

in Aries

following Uranus

man God 

since 2011

and Mars

hunter God 

since last week

when Donald Trump called

Vladimir Putin


Venus in Aries now since Friday

it's the male Venus

in front

with a new beginning of

defence by attack on the

 female way =

 the inner lines 



 so we have

Mars the push = 1

Venus the weight = 2

calling for 3 = the 


someone like the new US-President

heart of Mercur

ruling in Capricorn on January 20.

makes me pray for a good  male friendship

of two incredible players
on the harp of the

 last week of
Mercury talking the talk of the
border-giving  father

the latter has in Sagittarius  his 
in the humid faults
and the sweet milk
of the mothers of
called  Cancer

and Saturn's host Jupiter

ruler of  Sagittarius

sharing the entrance of his host


out of the backgroud = Pisces

unto the surface = Aries

 so now Jupiter the concilliator

 moving in the bag of Venus into

 the realm of beginning

and with him in resonance

Uranus and Pluto

origin and sacrifice

angel and priest

connected in square-resonance

with the concilliator

in Libra

 so  much for the celestial family of Earth

this week

visible in the dark half of the sphere
called night

now the light in the dark
 the family

in splendour above all planets is  s h e

ruling the running waters
between well and sea 
heaven and well
in and out
out and in
floating root 
of each soul

now on Wednesday 
is another third with
Mars and Uranus
in Aries
an intimate male-only

Thursday night
Moon enters Taurus
the dry land of each of the shores
of the river

and Sunday ´noon will find Moon
over the high ways
of the Twins
connecting the places in the world
with words and numbers

and since Tuesday noon Moon
will be again above the faults of life 
on Earth ruled by Cancer


Now, too late, to make it really short

but not too late to mention Sun
our center and star of the bright day
second full week in Aquarius
and his ruler Uranus in Aries

it's the celestial heart in the realm of the invisible upper man
called spirit
Aquarius is air = thoughts
+ Sun = emotion
= warm thoughts
this is the blessing of these

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