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A Cosmos of Order

1. 17 - 24. 2018
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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" ... (the) collective
nature of the archetype (...) while the
collective unconscious everwhere, 
id est in all humans is one and the same,
as well as  all other basic biological 
 functions, or like all instincts
within the same species."

C.G.Jung, Coll.Works, 10, § 849
(Transl. by me)

Where Jung in disciplined way ceases to interpret
there astrology beginns - the good one and the bad

this chronicle concerns to each and all of us
as far as he/she belongs
to the 'balanced human beings'
having lived since hundreds of thousands of years
on their Earth and under their skys
with the gradual emergence of a
a godly/humanly mirror-function
the coincidence of heaven and Earth
each moment of time and fact
every day and each night  measured
on the horizon of any place on Earth
around which heaven with Sun
in the north veering
in the south anticlockwise
is turning constantly
(with senseless common calendar-counting on
both 180° seperate seasons)

the ongoing turning of the sky
(in truth the rotation of the Earth
on her orbit around the Sun)
with the east-point ( ascendant) on the southern horizon
parting the 12 'houses' of the individual in the middle

in analogy of the 12 sign-sequence of the zodiac

in analogy of the 12 times-sequence of the day/year

what in this chronicle
is not at hand
is the horoscope of an individual
to whome the ascendant desribes his marrow


Here we have the dealing with the collective archetypes
or god-mighty unconscious images
of a species
called  homo sapien sapiens 
describing the 12 months of the year/double-hours of the day
by his incursions and dreams
 'seen' in images in the sky
 'discerning' the unknown to him canon of time
symbolicly in the zodiac of time

"Science as you know started with the stars, in which humanity dicovered
her dominants of the unconscious, the so called 'gods'; likewise the peculiar 
psychological qualities of the zodiac: an entire projected tenet of character. Astrology
is a similar primal experience like alchemy, such projections always repeat everwhere there, 
where man tries to explore an empty darkness and involuntarily fills it with
living gestalt."
C.G.Jung, Psychology ans Alchemy, Coll. Works 12, § 346 (transl. by me)

All innitiating in nature and the zodiac starts with fire
called Aries
and in history in neolithic age with wild hungry mountain-tribes
living under free sky with  goats and sheep
under the stars leading them

and so all beginning = Aries
= innition = fire = push

in the mirror of end = Pisces
= finish = water = dream

now this week:

push and dream currently
in the first mirror of our weeks:
cosmic child of feeling = Neptune
cosmic idea of man = Uranus

1. mirror

in which currently 'nothing' is moving in the relative sense of locomotion, but in which the 'greater man' Uranus still remaining till May sending his resonances from the 'wild mountains', but then
invading for seven years will be setteling in the fertile plains of Taurus.

2. mirror

in which for long a time nothing happened and in which the roots make sure of the earth in Taurus
and the spirit makes sure of the heaven in Aquarius
mirroring each other from the beginning of time

here now next weekend beginns the presence of Sun and Venus in Aquarius
coming from earth above and air down = 3. mirror
entering air above and earth down = 2. mirror

3. mirror

Sun and Venus this week still in relative  'lockstep'
accomplishing the assigning of the borders of form

in Capricorn ruled by  Saturn at home
'father' of the form 
for 3 years

+ Pluto
carrying out the form in the rigor of the 'knowing father'
for further 5 of 15 years

+ Mercury
for all of January
who oneself in his sign Twins
has to mirror the fatherly directive
"In the bginning was the word" Joh. 1.1
in the language of the mundane
and the word was name as name is commission
so the pointing name will mirror
in the discerning language till end of January

but Thursday will see
Venus and Saturday Sun
in their relocation to Aquarius
from throne = earth element
 to wing = air-element
from footing to precipitation
from borders and custom to
suspension of borders and traditions
its the bird-stadium of time = seized by spirit
Sun + Venus
= escape out of word into image
for Taurus, Leo, Libra

4. mirror

after the weeks and years (Saturn) with
Sagittarius crowded
now is calm in the 4th mirror
all due coincidences have taken place and time
to be in the

 5. mirror

exercised 'on good and bad days'
waiver pledged for the sake of the Sun
and his family
for the balance of  lust and form
and the lust of heart
within the family

and with Mars and Jupiter are affected
Aries and Sagittarius and eventual Uranus
 which under the free sky of Aries parallels with Jupiter
in Scorpio's faithfullness

 6. mirror

here also calm in the way of air and earth

* *

But in analogy to our unconscious receptivity for the pre- shaping moment
of the elements konfigurations

is our unconsciousness of them no hurdle for them

our outer home and family
with the Sun as center of all centers
is correspondig
with our inner home and family
with the heart as

physis and psyche
mirroring each other
 from the beginning
in our unconscious given
continents and wheathers
in man becoming conscious
by deep psychology
and humble astrology
in the name of

a cosmos of order

in the center  = Leo / Sun
above the center =  AquariusUranus

 in physis like in psyche
the room of the mirrorer i'
observing the self in time

 on the 360° all apprehending
circle of the creator

having of no place 
isn't given in the circle
in an unmeasured 
of tragic
in which man
mirrors nature
seems to be given


Now to the Kings-conjunctions in our Sun-family, aka when the giants are meeting: 

Saturn + Jupiter
meeting on Sun's axis
every 20 years 
(exactly 19,86)

permeates the whole family inclusive our Earth:

Their horoscopes are to imagine like given collective elementary 'persons', ruling  the deeper unconscious  elementary levels of the energy-perfused psychic 'socket', into which our individual pattern is 'screwed'. and in whose circles we fit seamlessly.

Those Kings-conjunction are ruling the element of

water = feeling since 1305
fire = igniting since 1603
earth = bearing since seit 1802
air = thinking since1980

This week now olivegreen und blue are the found constellations in our conscious-far 'socket'.
So deper bearing, older feeling and childlike young thinking (since 1980) are waitin this week with their archetypal rhythms = psychic deep-power..

In detail:
Jupiter overlooking yet a third whole week the entire meaning of beginning and ending  in the carrying out of the eternally given borders of the circle = 0, cause he parted in three weeks in the resonance of the olive-colored earth-child Neptune at 18,9° Scorpio.

While Mars pushes the not-being-rooted into the material world = Scorpio by opening the door for the new 'blue' Uranus-concept of the soul-projected canon of wholeness of time
= zodiac

Mercury finds since Thursday in the barren landscape of polar height the fatherly warmth and prudence by Sun and Mercury of air and water.

And Venus on Thursday and Sun on Saturday not only step under the rule of Aquarius/Uranus but likewise into the rhythm of the blue Mars = a new beginning
in  thinking in the spiritual milieu of
Leo, Taurus and Libra =


If the zodiac is not the spiritual training- and seperating-tool of the reflecting human - what else is it in this iridescent multiplicity of virtual appearences and one-sided agendas of the corrupt  socerers in which the human mind is in danger of  perishing?

But if not done with humility and virtue
then the vision of heaven leads to the
destruction of salvation
like all gold
hence: shall I speak?
must I silence?

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