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Mars from Forge to Shot in These Seven Days

1. 24. - 31. 2018
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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 1. 24. 2018

the rulership of Uranus over Aquarius 
= suspension of borders, standards, traditions
has commenced last Thursday for Venus
= territories and relations
and last Saturday for the Sun
center of vigor

Uranus is ruling out of Aries
hence new beginning
in the wild world under the open sky
by suspension of 
and borders of territories
 balances of relations


while the intelligence =
always neutral above the strife
between Mars and Venus
= the gatherers and the defendors
(predator and green-eater)
Mercury as ruler of nonpartisan  'air-world' above them
gifted with 'the third', in which both can find their
interests  being  met

worldly: the vakil (ind.)
in greek Hermes

still til next Wednesday in the calm of Capricorn
carving the eternal measure of meaning


the impatience in us
will relocate on Friday from
Scorpio to Sagittarius

from the forge of soul
to the shot of spirit
by forming the key of life
 by waiver of the dispensable

to the striking  'shot' of spirit
inking the parts
for the perfect form  


while Pluto and Saturn remain in the height of winter
= waiver and delimitation
by Capricorn for
three and seven years
= condition for Capricorn and Scorpio
hence Mars in his good by to

 remaining in Scorpio's 
forging bow and Arrow
till November


Now  the current low unconscious resonances of the week:

1. ongoing Sun + Venus (s. above)
King and Tribe
winged under the sky of spirit =Aquarius
=  air = thinking in the upper third
of man
inner birds  thriving
 the soul

2. rising till Sunday: Mercury in Capricorn
full square with Uranus in Aries
= intelligence +
 original 'birds'
= toppling tradition and borders
like crusts bordering eternal streams

Now the deeper unconscious resonances of the elements:

1. Today Wednesday:

Mars is pushing the blue Uranus of 1980 = toppler, of air-element
 toppling an old
commencing a new old way of  thinking the
 canon of man's soul's projection
into the glaring nightly sky of 
the zodiacal man

2. Mercury's intellectuaresonances in us
with Uranus (s.above
 since 2011 in Aries)
also are resonating with

in the depth/height of psyche

the Pluto's flashing
in the communication of light and emptyness
allow by recess
the making of form

and this resonance might be the one 
impressing earth-Sun of 1802
at 24,5° Cancer
and might  effect the toppling of intellect
by his waiver of the privilege
of the center

So much for this week, where the 'gods' predominantly deal with the essence of this year, while Mars and Mercury,  as told, additionally are dealing  at the deep/high elementary 'socket' of the aeon in us.
There commences a Mars = new beginning or energy in the way of thinking the form/canon/zodiac;

and the intellect = Mercury in the charge of the father'  = Capricorn, receives 'radio' from Pluto, Pluto
= the necessary waiver, and Sun, the center of vigor.

and Moon, in her mantra of the four weeks, travels again in the first - material - quarter of the
zodiacal man from Aries to Twins and a bit of his second quarter Cancer till early Leo ..

Sonntag, 21.1.2018, UTC 17:12.
Montag, 22. 1.2018, in Murnau UTC: 16: 20 und 44.
In English, 1.24. 2018 UTC 17:26


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