Mittwoch, 10. Januar 2018

Freak-Time in Winter

watched  by astrologic cc man

a freak time is to notice

study the chart

Tuesday even Mercury enters
Saturn's polar reign
signifying air
 cold and dry = to settle and seize moving

I studied the early freak-winter in Russia
since November 1941

it helped saving the Russian Civilisation
and me in my mothers womb

in deep it's a given

by whome-ever
why not  God

this Week

and the true word speaks
what is happening

Pluto the priest is in everyone
to grow culture out of natural beasts
ruled by Scorpio/Pluto/8. house of heaven

and this is the given this Week:

a Mars-beginning with Jupiter and the child of the earth-element
olive Neptune of the earth - element of 1802
centuries are to study this holy mystery

it's easier to mark this constellation Mercurialy
than to receive it in one' conscious life
even to share it with awoken souls
centuries and millennia are waiting for the astrological enhanced man like
waiting before
for the reckoning and writing

This  meeting with Jupiter is a bit of staying
with this new earth child
while the beginner Mars is moving on

Eaerth Neptune, like eberybody's Neptune
is not sens- able but  sensible
'God' of eternal waters
as a rhythmical truth astronomicly

while astrology adds meaning
verifiability + meaning together
given by the
between India and California

 between the Aegyptians, Persians and

something to be at home with and via the
elements holy places
the Kings-Conjunction of our great cosmical relatives
Saturn and Jupiter
and their rhythms of the aeons of the four elements
with the relatives in the aeon
might be building roads
for the living and the dead
in the jungle of completeness

while Mars = Starter
Jupiter = conciliator (with the father)
via their ruler Pluto
are in the the freak-condition
of Saturn in Capricorn
'Gods finger'might point on the place
where a freak condition - in
outwardly sense - fit's to a
outwardly unbalaced  sense of living

while at the opposite inwardly oriented 'pole' of living
the opposite condition might appear in a freak winter-warmth

in the latter part this 'freak-condition'  like Europe till West-Sibiria.

the freak place for the continent's
winters is  in general the north-east

and the Mars-Jupiter-flow of energy is
visible by the high-winds around the pole
placing their polar vortex-pattern
of seasons and times

and a complementary 'high-wind'-phenomenon is to be described in the psychic realm
of us, like here is done with the Kings-conjunctions of the four elements.

and as Scorpio is a complex of water = life
 high = cold levels
collected by 'anti-Taurus': 
the  infrozen truth of times
in glaciers and icebergs
ready to melt or grow

so the Pluto - part of us always helps with
keeping a bond
between  image and  heart
by sacrificing pure nature
for patterns of human kindness
think of the fairy tales at the bottom of our
innocent souls = innocence is paradox strength

calling for our living strength is
the 'image' in us of woman
like an anchor of flesh and with  bags of critical sand
to bring the Uranus-balloon of complete man's spirit
 gladly back down to earth
for two + family


Next week we have to deal with Sun and Venus in Aquarius
hence this is the last week till next year
Venus = Taurus + Libra
since Thursday
next Saturday followed by
Sun = Leo
to play the game of
= the Father
to the given end
accept the border
of the  given order
freely in humility
like every beast and
be like a tree
for the bird and the bee
and the rain and the wind
and the song of the light
each day and each night


 and on Saturday/Sunday a great resonance ist to be passed
by Venus and Sun
emerging from Uranus in Aries


And the truth of the shadow, travelling with Moon
will be since coming Monday two days long in the realm of
the old king and father in an rare congregation of completeness.

Murnau, 1. 10. 2018, UTC: 22:42.

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