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Imagine: Three Suns, Two Mercuries, One Saturn Waiting for Man's Conscious Attandance

12. 24. 2018 - 1. 2. 2019, 0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 FireEarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305 
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" Only the living presence of the eternal images is 
able to invest those dignity to the human soul, 
which makes it probable to man, and morally 
possible to persevere with his soul and to be
 convinced, that it's worth, to stay with her.
Only then it will be apparent to him, that the 
conflict belongs to him, that the split is his
woeful richness, not to be given away, while
 attacking others, and in case, that the fate 
demands  guilt by him it is guilt at himself. 
By that he admits the worth of his soul, because
to a nothing no one can bear the blame.
But if man looses his own worth, he becomes
a hungry predator.

C.G.Jung, Mysterium Coniunctionis, /2, § 175

The self, Jung says repeatedly, represents the 'union of all antagonisms' and to me the zodiac is a projected, virtual, collective 'soul' for us inhabitants of each polar hemisphere.

The unconsciousness is not directly observable. But we can follow it in its projects on the projected as well as meted year-circle, and conclude on the likewise unconscious, non the less powerfull, numinous process in the collective unconsciousness, which the astrologer has to translate into a neutral language.

52. Week

Sun in Capricorn

Capricorn the pilgrim in the high terrain
of time and order
fulfilling the measure
for everyone on himself
quiet bright noon
to him now
the heart
is transferred
the trembeling radiating

the lion- god Sun
walks towards the
Capricorn-father-good Saturn
to unite with him in humility

coming weekend they invite
for the yearly celebration
of Sun
together with blue Sun of the air element
and the green Sun of the water-element
and this year the highest noon god Saturn
joins the celebration

Saturn's return to a given place happens scantly every 30 years, and this one together with the current Sun  and the Suns of air and water is a happening in a higher grade of rarity. The last one similar was in 1930 but not as precisely like in this remakable year.

whatever the meaning might be of that
rare ordering humility of the
travelling center -
in Capricorn the numen always
deals with the trancendence
of timelyness
symbolized by
planting trees
carving stones

while all this is added by Pluto
in Capricorn
since 2008
for 16 of 248 years
whose attendance in Capricorn
is helping any benevolent soul
to find the necessary grade of his and her
 waiver of temporal- only stuff
Pluto in
Capricorn-fate till 2024


Here now is the elementary center of our aeon

As aeon I call a length of time within the most important "Family- Rhythm" in the Sun-System:  The 'Great Conjunctions' of Saturn and Jupiter, the two biggies in the family, 

happens each 20 years. Their unions happen in strings of about 200 years in the zodiacal signs of the same element. When the string is 'full', a change of the element is due. This is in Persia/Arabian tradition a Kings-Conjunction. marking the first of the string in that  Element. The 10 'gods' of it are to conceive as emulous to form the time-space-images of their element for about 800 years underneath of our consciousness.

The youngest change was 1980 in the air element = new shape of 'thinking', nearly in coniunction with the oldest KK., that of water of 1305.

union of air and water
of thinking and feeling
together with heart and conscience
hence my commendation
to meditate and to
with three Suns, two Mercuries
and one Saturn


the current Mecury however
still in Sagittarius
in the light of reconciliation
with the timeless order of god
articulated in time

unites with two 'air- god's' birthday
in the new air element of 1980
 conciliatory rooting and  thinking of blue Venus
walls and their connections
and their resolution in new
conceptual dispensations
of blue Neptune


Venus herself
still in her second Scorpio phase of the year
in waiver of personal 
in favour of collective weal

tomorrow on Thursday
uniting with the childgod
of the element earth
Neptune at 18,9° Scorpio
for the purufication of  earthly-practical


and Moon walks through the defiencies of our souls
this week from Leo till Scorpio

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