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The Trickster and the Donalds Lap


My part is, to show, what psychic potencies, in the mirror of Sun's cosmos above Earth have been working underneath our and The Donald's consciousness, while he acted, and is and always was, a man following his majestic instincts.

1946, 6, 14, UTC 14:54, Jamaica, NY
Transit 12, 19. 2018

Firstly, his instincts. Astrologicans read them by the ascendant (ascending sign =  moment of first breath). In the Donals's case they were of a very late, hence  much seasoned   lion in latin 'Leo', 
 to appear as the instincts of a sovereign's heartLeo's  ist the star, the center, the suzerain.

The lion's Sun currently acting growing resonance with Mars, the beginner,  swelling from mimimum resonance into the maximum quarter-resonance  with canceling Pisces = the beginning of end-sea as heir of everything .... This is a historical event. Sovereignty started when aggression was completely spoiled.

Secondly,  look, the  Donald is a child of full Moon. Hence his psyche depends on the balance of lion's sovereign male- dominance- instincts with her deep female wisdom. She + child  lately became target of the public hyanes cursing majestic ire ... in the sovereign animal in us, given by the Donald.

Secondly, the trickster in us,  Mercury,  brain-ruler, is ruling in his 10th house, his eleventh, hence creatively, envisioning possible futures in the current posibilities, of real family life.

ruled by Mercury
firstly his 'second house' aka his social abilities 
and within
Neptune  telling him
 to be a background dealer 
with childs wisdom 
added by Jupiter telling him the lap's

secondly Mercury is ruling
his elevent house with
 tower-erecting Venus-Saturn
a kind of carefully chosen family-actor
with a complex of fife- wisdoms
to be bundled in time

a rare chance for America
to give the planet
an normal american tribute 
at last

Murnau, 12.22.2018, UTC: 21:20..


12. 9. 2018, Trumps Public Order


my comment in Saker's cafe:

isn't is a solace?

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