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Three Times Bright

12.  10. - 19.   2018, 0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 FireEarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305 
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50. Week

The consciousness,  guarded around, carried or
 threatened and cheated by psychic powers is 
a primordial experience of humanity. This 
experience has been projected in the archetypus
of the child, which expresses the entirety of man.
It is the abandoned and extradited and likewise 
divine-powerfull, the unhandsome, dubious 
beginning and the triumphant end. The"eternal 
child" in man is a indescribable experience,  an
unadaptedness, a disadventage and a divine
prerogative, a imponderabile constituting 
the last worth and unworth of a personality.

C.G.JUNG, Coll. W. 9/I, § 300

50. Week

our child god
the heavenly child
currently at home in Pisces
for 14 years

in the earthly  mirror  
the earthly child
crying of hunger

in his bag
the thought of man god

while the earthly child
in Pisces
is in a fading condition
just beyond innocence
on it's way to rebirth

and in us
God's wide-eyed child of man
hence the thinking one's
outbreak off the lies of

outwardly invisible in the male spirit
still 3 months refilling


Now Sun
radiating heart of every life

Sun in Sagittarius
the empathetic  hence wise chamber
in man's heart

celebrating on Sunday a birthday
of the aeon of the elements
we are inhabitants of

Sun celebrating with Neptune of the air
with the blue child
hence the future of thinking
at 23° Sagittarius
heart + blue pregnancy

so much for the first  of three secrets of Earth's Sun this week, from Tuesdy to Thursday the other two are following:

Sun celebrating with the Sun
of the fire-element
heart with fiery heart

at 26° Sagittarius

and one day later Sun with Venus
of the fire
heart with fiery Venus

at 27° Sagittarius

3 days of light, warmth, security and balance each year  when Sun meets in his own element
his aeonic birthday, happening since 1603, when the Kingsconjunction happened  on that December-day in the fire-element. 

Who wants to know what it means, signifies, what the gods are nodding to,  has to  study, has to watch them in their symbolic guidance.  There is no other way to understand the secrets of the archetypes  of God's gods.


in his home-realm Sagittarius

the concilliator in his reign of conciliation
 on Sunday will meet
the red father and son of the fire-Element
to me appearing like  Zeus and Apollo
ruling the borders and sizes
of the realm of light
fire or plasma

divided in young fire, middle fire and old fire
as the latter embraces the comprehensive view
of the late years in life
and Leo fire is heart fire of the center
and Aries fire is blind and pure
like the newborn child
in it's drives

Every 12 years we have this chance on Sunday,  to watch and meditate our collective selfs qua unconscious mirrors of the wisdom of the elements and signs, waiting to become conscious in man.


and he is the reading and talking master - god

forward again
reentering Sagittarius'
realm of 'why' with his genius of 'where'

no longer far from Jupiter
reaching for celebration
at 4,9° Sagittarius
for the third time this year
Mercury with red Mercury 
of the fire element

What could they mark together in Sagittarius, but he brand- new myths featuring  gods, mirrored in nature, what else could red Mercury tell our brain-organ, than start to esteem the symbolic life.

So, with Sun, Jupiter and Mercury, each of them (in us) celebrating light and fire we are facing a uniquely bright week. May a lot of humans become  able for apperception of such rare events in time. 

and Moon

our open Window inside
keeping us to remain complete souls
by the psychoid physio/psychic beings
encircling monthly our twelvefold garden
of comprehensive symbols

this week till Saturday night
Moon above
the gardens of unconscious  collective future
breeding the young times

later since sunday
Moon envisions the hard laws
of the jungle in Aries
later since Tuesday the
castles and cities of the sedentaries

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