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From Abundance to Frugality

 11. 27.  - 12. 4. 2019,   0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kings -Conjunctions
of the Four Colors and Elements 
 Fire, EarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 18021980 and 1305 
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The symbol is a living body, corpus et anima; hence
 the “child” is such an apt formula for the symbol.
The uniqueness of the psyche can never enter wholly 
into reality; it can only be realized approximately, 
though it still remains the absolute basis of all
The deeper “layers” of the psyche lose their individual 
uniqueness as they retreat farther and farther into darkness.
 “Lower down,” that is to say as they approach the 
autonomous functional systems, they become increasingly 
collective until they are universalized and extinguished 
in the body’s materiality, i.e., in chemical substances. 
The body’s carbon is simply carbon. Hence “at bottom”
 the psyche is simply “world.”
Carl Jung, CW 9/1, Page 291.

48. Week

In this chronicle the complete unconscious poesis of us as Agents of and in  Sun's family of Planets a third class of actor , not Star, not Planet, much smaller, but so near to her planet Moon in who's circles Earth's  every- nights roll

and this week's nights tumble upwards to the meaning when Friday night Moon enters Saturns heaven maybe to give him a drink and a hug and a good joke from her journeys

... while yesterday Wednesday the light of the night dissipated by so much light of day of
red Mercury of  1603
quasi our collective early Mercury intelligence working underneath our
conscious perception 
but by knowing the 12 symbols
one can learn to follow their actions
deep within us
and in their mirror
above us 

to perceive a Sun this week
not only means heart + wit
but on Saturday it means
 Sun and red Saturn/Jupiter of fire

about something like  heart + Law+solicitor
still in abundance
but hark
only till monday
then frugality will be the 
condition to Sagittarius and
guests of Capricorn

Let them do their rhythms and dances like they did before you and will do after your journey here came to its end.  Let them dance and adapt to the symbols, hence re-learn to dance the heavenly symbol-dance. Your deeper soul knows it.

So now  what more is on stage?

 Mercury the speaker and teller in us
should be talking  in this  time of the year the talk 
of  the surveyor of corruption
doing the brother as much as possible  a favor with one's
while being guest in his Scorpio times

the same goes to Mars 
in his pushing reverence-dance
last weekend ...
 shaken by resonance from Uranus
of opposite Taurus

now Mars 
our collective spark within
approaching a couple of days 
of  strong symbols in the realm of 
the four elements
beginning Saturday:

green Uranus of the 
at 7,1° Scorpio

followed Monday:

blue Moon of the air-element
at 8,8° Scorpio

Thursday next week:

green Neptune of the
water-element at 10,5° Scorpio

Lots of moments of conscious perception will help, to learn to  un-code the codes of solar man's unifying  path on earth. 

while this week's  Jupiter follows Venus into
Saturn's Capricorn
for the two of them and their realms
a step from abundance to 
for Venus' Taurus and Libra for 3 December-weeks
for Jupiter's  Sagittarius till Dec. 2020

Murnau, 11. 27. 2019, UTC:


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