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The Sexes and the Zodiac and the Dance Over the Weekend

 11. 18 . 27. 2019,   0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kings -Conjunctions
of the Four Colors and Elements 
 Fire, EarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 18021980 and 1305 
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" phenomenological viewpoint of science"
shows  distinctly, that instead of reasoning, which the 
consciousness would have applied, the archetypal spirit
has autonomously assumed the task of  prediction,  what
signifies that the archetypes posses own initiative and
 own specific energy, which not only enable them to give
meaningful interpretations (in their way), but also
 to interfere into a given situation with own impulses
and mind-forms".
Carl Jung, Coll. W., XVIII/1, § 546

... the basic idea underlying this chronicle and which to understand it tries persistently, is formulated in a kind of architecture of the unconscious called archetypes. It's done, no matter what, in the zodiacal symbols of the funnel, better, the permanently rotating 'living' funnel time, as infinite dance on the soft soles of the archetypes, resounding in the soul of man. With his music is Jupiter, dancing godson, spirit in the presence of small people.

Thus onwards with the architecture of another new week.

47 Week 2019

nearly persisting
Neptune at home down in Pisces
Pluto guest with Saturn
Saturn at home in Capricorn


Uranus the toppler
is in the Herds

every 84 years
for seven years

(confer June 1935  till May 1942)

all this is like it was understood and demonstrated in former blogs: choose cue

the dynamic of this week, well, fire is the first  in the  worlds of the zodiac:
the first on the upper floor
new light at the upper edge
of the living funnel time

while step by step
Venus approaching
Jupiter heavenly son of heavenly king
much light at home
to meet at 
fire-flame and Venus' 
dance place of this fire- eon
26°/27° Sagittarius

but we are not used in this architecture in which the constants are the slow moving relative constants of meaning. We use to forget, that in the zodiac's 360° for each  anonymous is an anonymous natural space  somewhere waiting for it's born anonymous king ....

So it's a piece of dance in the comunity sharing  the upper edge of the meaning while each of us has hidden in horoscope,  this place, this Jupiter, this light, this naturalness handed by the gods their codes to our parents for us.

 Here is the 'second code' for my weeklies:

with the zodiac  the ring of the 
4 Kingskonjunctions of Saturn/Jupiter
in the signs of the
4 Elements


what an adventure, to know the 3 elements, whom one is not!
But caution: the birth-day sign, the Sun-sign, tells  how you live
The ascendant however tells what you are.

while underneath of this four-world of the elements constantly changing
by constantly remaining
 the two - world of the sexes
who asks? man or woman?

The zodiac starts with Aries the male moment, but for the other half of mankind the zodiac is not complete with Adam and the animals and finally Eva,  and opens it's half with Libra and the female enthusiasm for male's spirit.
Well for the female logic and intuition the complete-'male' is fe-male in other words Adam was made in the morning and Eva in the afternoon when God contemplated a medicine for Adam, after he thought about the funny names, adam had given the animals, anyway it was the sixth day of creation hence with Eve as the medicine,  the work was done, since then ..

female zodiac
(the male half has 10, the female half has 30 of the
of the 40 characters of this Eon)

This chronicle will keep the old used 'man's world, beginning with fire, while contemplating
each of zodiac's  Grad's possible call on 40 of 360 Grades.

The chart above tells of the air- visits of Sun and Venus. Today, Wednesday is the day when heart and pocket or Sun and Venus are confronted with meaning (Neptune) and origin (Uranus)
till Friday-afternoon heart will
travel in Pluto's land
Saturday has Sun in Sagittarius
wide view on the complete picture
for the heart's wisdom

while Mars receives the full resonance by Uranus 
in Taurus
and the complete man in us
might contemplate how to unite
the free bird of thinking with the 
guard of the  zodiae

This was a glimpse on the poetical essence of the current 47. Week of this year.

Murnau, 11 20.2019, UTC: 16: 47

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