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Reconciliation in Meaningful Links - Venus in the War for a New Beginning of Mankind


11. 21. - 30. 2022

0:00 UTC
under the Zodiac
above the northerh hemisphere
of the Earth


"*Practically the  luminosity of the archetypes have no
 other meaning, but that the latter not only represent
the forms and the meaning of our instincts,  but likewise
evolve a kind of  "own intelligence similar to conscious-
ness",  which doesn't coincide with the one of the 
I-consciousness;  hence an archetype, constellated in the 
unconsciousness mediates vagaries, imaginings, 
inspirations,  ominious knowledge about things, which 
it actually could not know."

C.G.JUNG, Mysterium Conjunctionis, III
Marie-Luise v. Franz, Comment to AURORA 
Col. W. 14/III, § 81. 

"Insofar the 'sapientia Dei' with the scholastics is 
defined as the sum of the "rationes eternae" (eternal
ideas), it represents, like mentioned, a female 
personification of the collective unconsciousness,
 and, insofar it  summarizes the 'rationes' all in one, 
it also is a female manifestation of the Imago Dei
(i.e. the Self) in the human soul."

ibid. §. 82.

Here we astrologers, like the way, the forefathers did, deploy for the 'sum of the eternal ideas', which summarize 'the 'rationes' all in one' the zodiac.

This and nothing else is to us the key; inborn into us as 'universal stamp' for the lock, the unknown one, which is also inborn into us. Both enthrusted to the human sense, to find the way to the key in the unconsciousness.

The zodiac is it, which allows us, to take part with the divine play of life of the Sun-family; each one a star, each one a heart, suited, to let a divine family grow, an image-tree into the unconscious, providing the nesting places for the spiritual birds.

the female view on the unconsciousness asks:
what is given?

47. Week

all the interesting things
this week 
in the unconsciousness ...

further until November end
and eventually 
first part of March
proper constellated in square
the fighters of Mars against 
and the fighters of Mars pro 
in a
'special military operation'

resonance between
Twins and Pisces
aggressive narrative 
and truth
 of ire
likewise constellated
all -in- one
or in - One

and then after mid-March
Mars will strife
in Cancer underway with Moon
 along the entire zodiac
new homes
for the family of man

now however

Mercury and Venus
available to 
unison this week
intelligence and ressources
for the 'divine son'
who in Pisces
together with Neptune
keeps the innocence
of the child in us
waiting for us
to become
' like it'

while with Sun
in creatures
our hemisphere
being borne 
in Sagittarius
for man
 not to miss
lead and insight
into eternal 
measures and proportions
kept by
 father Saturn 
originating in
now for a time
in the unconscious forests of
 stem and sense
of gyrating eternal borders
in the
 unbounded universe

to reach
in square
and against
human sense

of Sagittarius
constellating Zeitgeist
concilliation with father
by the son
in the spirit of  meaningful links
by contrasts
this week

strictly future concilliation + Zeitgeist

in Twins
moving in the luggage
Mars the ire
 the sons
and balance
the well-filled quiver
of  Venus
in the war
for a new beginning
of mankind
And the 'learning task', consisting in this week's observation of Mars: to whom in Opposition will Mercury and Venus hike in the end of the month/week  , always in question: A + B, or A - B,  or, multipolar oder uni-polar?

Finally something of history: to a retrospectation over nearly a full life-circle of 80 years  reason is given:

Last Saturday, 80 years ago, November 19. 1942:  the  6. Army of Deutsche Wehrmacht wanting to occupy Stalingrad, befell the catastrophe: encirclement by the Red Army.

Turning point in  WW II. and how the stars stood:

Murnau, 11. 23. 2022, UTC: 17:54.

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