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Week 24 : Sun and Heart Passing the Fiery Essence followed by Brain and Mercury

6. 12. - 19. 2017
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
    of the years 160318021980 and 1305 
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Sun loving
all of it's children and it 's Mercury
Sun will give all it's monthly splendor to her tricky weasel
for a last week this year till next Wednesday

and today it's 
a great Mercury
 being born around noon
when the righteous are born
71 Years before today

6. 14. 1946
Donald J. Trump

and this is what makes this special birthday
awsome to the chronicler:
look on the chart of the week above where Sun moves and where Saturn
and Donals's Sun is at  22,9° Twins

 Saturn definitely and always signifies something
that doesn't move
 like  Mountains
poles and towers
his children live 
high a place on
Sun unifies
with Saturn
in Opposition

on Sunday Mercury will be at  place
unifying with Saturn

On the artificiel heavenly screen this week something is connected:

 big fire + Sun - Saturn  and later Mercury .

Why "big fire"? Look at the chart of the week in the year of Earth, look at Sun

Look at the dappled red beams connecting the center of fiery  resonances in the coloured  ring of Time connecting us with our nearest elementary neighborhood with the dead and the later coming.

In this ring the chart is signifying in the colors of the four elements the kings-conjunctions
for about 800 years each. 

 and look what on Wednesday Sun is passing: the Resonance of Saturn and both they are passing the Resonance of fire Moon in opposition with fire Sun and connected with her fire Venus from today till Saturday.

It's a kind of outstanding "standing wave" of heat and brightness at these 4 resonance- places in the zodiac.  

The natural partition of the daily circle between east and west north and  south or morning noon evening and midnight reappeares in the figure of  standing waves like sand  on a vibrating steelplate

this red resonance of the  Sun with the cross of the crosses is passing every year  from 6. 14 -  19. and the American President is within the range of resonance  with this essential place of beginning  since12. 18. 1603 so it was no meaningless accident when he had his first cabinet - meeting on Monday in the fiery vicinity of his noble heart.

From the four elements fire = energy  is the first. Mars is territorial-energy, Sun is energy of soul, Sagittarius is energy of spirit. These are the rulers of the three beginnings.

and as the east ist the beginning,  the eastern sign Aries, the beginner-sign, is a fire-sign

Now, fire is the element of new beginning, of outbreak and outburst. And this element of beginning this week has living  Sun and   Mercury and Saturn in it's hand. Seeds do dehisce because of fire.

 And red Moon? Red Moon = seeds on the unconscious level of the elements: the red "lap" = places of fiery familiesvisited by living  Sun this week on Thursday noon.

And  Elementary Sun 'radiating' in Sagittarius  signifies a deep standing wave of red Sun signifying   heart and center of beginning  + red Venus the red richdom  = energy  of the earth and the 'richdoom of stage' aka 'Hollywood' aka the beauty of lie.

And this week is a seed-week concerning the deal of the future by two, who dont move: the center and the pole.

But not only pragmatical  Donald is a dealmaker ... and a thinker for more than 50 years on a sure enough titanical throne,  the same goes for the master of the pole thinking in a bows of hundreds of years.

But these Sun Moon and Venus, make no mistake, are the "standing wave" of the fire aeon since 1603

But traveling Earth around 'standing' Sun and we on it are witnessing Sun's "traveling" around the background of heavens eternal stories. So now the last of the anual four weeks for Twins talking hearts talking to their familiary places about the places of near and distant neighbors.

And the vital 'beginning aka' Mars in Cancer has premiere in the depth of families this week,  mirroring Saturn the Lord of the pole doing the Sagittarius workto the world= concillitate.

And the rest goes like it went last week, except by Moon traveling high spirit till Saturday
then down to earth in Aries again.

Murnau,6. 14. UTC 17:08

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