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Now Completed: Families in Attack and New Concilliation

6. 19. - 28. 2017
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
  of the years 160318021980 and 1305 
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June 21 Summerbegin, 2017


Time for deep within
no more show
root of soul

Cancer doesn't like series, same goes for the lap of women, soul is rooting in Cancer so in the element of the inner waters called blood who know everything they need like in God's animals.
So Water is the element of truth and knowing and fruit ...  constant traitor by traveling depth.
And it's the month of the Declaration in Indipendance of the United States of America with it's genious and with it's united evil.
The great problem of this entity is rootlessness. The spirit of the continent is not in NY or in DC nor in Hollywood. The spirit is with the ancient generations who inherited this land by manitou for thousands of thousan years ... handed on to their sons and daugters - not all has been terminated
This is why the american Cancer is such a provincial one lacking the roots of yearthousands.
'Love in the province' hence is the truth where America's hole might be filled in the range of the hopefull normal citizen. And it has to become permeable to the spirit of the inner Cancer -continent instead of the (lost ) World.
The "white" Jews might help.

And here we are with another Mars in Cancer Week. Now what is in Cancer the inner traveling waters ...? It's the beginning, the energy the push in , well, in the lap,in the  family
and Mars is growing life and with cancer is Moon walking through the zodiac quarters keeping all the received conceptions earlier like a bud now a  blossom before the fruit travveling with the lion Sun.
And each sign in the zodiac is like a funnel whose upper rim is 7° in diameter and whose nozzel is 1 and these funnels are traveling onto their  timeless zodiacal hands in their typical
or should I say 'archetypical' ticking ... and the 12 rhythms do appear at 10 hands of the planetary clock each hand necessary for the balance of the sun and Earth and hence Moon
and we the people each one of us is Self the traveling moment when he/she started the engine with self breathed oxygen.
So I wish to the soul of the red America to cordially meet the Red America with dearness and respect to heal the tortoise continent for the planet in Aurora
now, back in today, Wednesday: Sun in Cancer, Mercury in Cancer  - heart and brain -
now a view on the crucial person

6. 14. 1946, Donald Trump

You see, why the provice has chosen like it did: Donald is real because Cancer is real. Cancer is the inner place of truth in you because Cancer even knows when you lie.
And look to the Cancer of Donald 
Seniority = Saturn
sociality = Venus
trickfullness = Mercury
God might have done a golden choice in on's heart

listen to Putin, what deep familiar sessions  have circled around might have circled around the center,  if Dad really does the gratest bidding of all ... and if someone knows what the greatest weakness of the hydra is: it's underestimation of the knight ...
in the most collective meaning to the chronicler appeares this Mars in Cancer taking shape in a period under the flag of "families in attack".  Meant is the collective neaning of family-wealth on the Tortoise Island which is only for a chunk Jewish (3-4% of Inhabitants) therefore governing via Hollywood and Media the dreams on the Americans and of all planetarians hoping to become middle -class since 70 years.
Now a look at last Thursday, Mars 7 - 8° Cancer = US-Senat decides sanktions on North-Stream Business of European Gas Delivery.

Now look  at the USA

7. 4. 1776, Philadelphia, the USA,
6. 15.  2017
here it is
Cancer  the birthmonth of the USA hence the heart of the American families
their richdom = Venus, their brain = Mercury together constellated with
Jupiter in Cancer = the privileged families from the upper rim
of the funnel (= Jupiter) or spiral of time
traveling Mars:on the day of  senat-decision with USA-Jupiter  synchron

and this is how the "stars" stood, when the Senate decided:

Washington 6. 14. 2:08 PM 
ASC= House 1. = appearing: Libra
uniting both scales (of  aisle):   Jupiter, the privileged sons

DC = House 7 = encountering : Aries = attack

House 10 = entering into time: Mars = the attack's beginning
by Cancer = Families

And this is how the chronicler is perceiving the change since Mars has left the Twins, whose identity is to be the broker. And since Mars has left the Twins, carrying with him the energy to start something new, he has likewise left the the wold - net grown in centuries of family-caring, serving traditionally the interests of the national elites by supernational brokering Jewish families, subserving,  "Blankfein" (sheerfine) performig 'magic' with other people's money ... well, this broker-world Sun has left this morning together with Mercury following Mars
And Sun  now moves under the northern sky  generally with the families and so more with the American privileged families with their soul - interests invested in the energy-busyness. Big time for the ex-Exxon-manager's Aries-heart?
And the privileged families in Europe immediately perceived the seriousness of the game: 97 of 100 Voices of the Senat in attack.
And the Jupiter of the USA is realy close to Mercury of the President, this is what a faction of the privileged might perceive = one of them  tricky and honest for America.
When Mars passed the Mercury of the President at  6.16. , he paid a visit to Florida: the oldest new President in US-history in the swamp-state of well-heeled pensioneers, good for 50 electors.
And for all of us: Mars in Cancer is traveling with the sky every day through all 12 houses of the day and Moon carries Mars' beginnings with her: ne energy for tha lap of the soul and this week throughz each of the four elements from Aries till Cancer.

But the great synchronicity today is Sun and Mercury have moved from the spring-quarter into the summer-quarter of the zodiac. Fro the borderlessnes of the perspective of the Twins into the depth of the inner floating identity, from air to water.

Both Sun and Mercury in Cancer are toned now impressionistcly, devoted, receiving - the radiating will be later then  with Sun in Leo.
And by this Sun and Mercury are no longer mirroring the Capricorn with Pluto but the Sagittarius with Sauturn

25th week 2017

Finally for Venus, which bothers with roots and meadows, which are to be grazed for the sake of reserves for coming times. And unchecked by the lights of siblings Venus this week is going to assemble with herself while visiting on Tuesday red Uranus the fiery man-God of beginning and on Thursday the earth-olive Mars of the patient element. Here one might be 'bathing' in the unconscious depth of the four elements, consciously bathing in an inpercevable but 'intelligible' 'water' for the sake of the immortal Hun-soul of those ancestors  having died since 1603 (fire)und 1802 (earth) to be able to be sometimes subservient to them.

So far we are through save for one:
red marked in the chart of this week are Jupiter and Mars
Spirit and matter in the form of energy
Union of square is constellated
blind attack of feeling and conciliatory balance
according to the sqare of Cancer and Libra
= the single and the couple

and  like last time: anything else remaining
save by nuances very slow changed.
d wie gehabt: alles Übrige bleibt bis auf Nuancen unverändert.

Murnau, June 21. 2017 UTC 13:39.

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