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Surrender to Soul and New Beginning in Intimicy

6. 5. - 12. 2017
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
    of the years 160318021980 and 1305 
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5. 6. 2017

A lot of what meets the eyes of the chronicler from heaven
indeed he's capable meticulously to terminate
but to grasp the meaning in the space of karma
and the scooping heaven ...

the ways of conscious traffic between heart and brain due for grasping that complex
concert = zodiac
these  ways to go 
from the head to the tail
mundanomaniac believes
will take next several  thousands
of earth-rounds around Sun
called years

the very few
included some thinkers  poets
and humble crazy neighbours
of each sex
on Saker's Vineyard

reflecting the just visible 
 scattered tops
of future ranges and mountains
of time

while reflecting the different wide
steps in time 
of each
we're consisting of

the "ich" is not a single
it's a complex
it's rotation
like a CD

the spinning zodiacal
around the resting 12 houses of


around me and earth

so I like  to go on doing it each week 
and who likes is invited to accompany traveling
the continents of time
our time coming
our coming time:

Moon: two days

Sun 30 days

Mars 6 Weeks

Jupiter 1 Year

Saturn 2,9 Years

Uranus 7 Years

Neptune 14 Years

Pluto (roughly) between 11 and 26  Years

continents of coming times
 like Vladimir's still

like the Donald's
in tricks
 roots do like
a humble family
craftmanship of capable

Now a technical:

each of you who doesn't know it

my chart above allowes each one knowing his horoscope
to watch in what kind of role one is in those weeks 
I enter each Wednesday for the 
english-lingua-franca community

Now an essential:

what you read in this diary is my astrology 
your astrology is from those experienced ways of soul and spirit
 you have gone with the stars

Now the chronicle of the week in the projection of the "projected animated world of heaven and earth" aka 12 houses of heaven aka zodiak = the projection of the objective heaven above of it's mirror - the objective earth

= 30° Pisces ------------------------------------ 0° Waage =

   = 0° Aries ------------------------------------ 30° Jungfrau =

23th week 2017  

the earthly six are mirroring the heavenly six

now the week under the northern Sky June 7. - 14.

it's  good  a time ago that I saw lastly a week so bare of special meaning
like this week on the heavenly/earthly stage

Venus is at home in Taurus
Mercury is at home in Twins

and except by Moon

each one 
Sun and Planets
are minding their present business
no resonances to others
no visits with the ancestors

now the drama of the week:
Mars new  in Cancer since Monday
for 8 weeks
 it's the heat in all what is Cancer
- lap kitchen family -
and all inner floating and feeling on
now Cancer by Mars is beginning to 
 shoot and sprout

and mind you
 Mars in Cancer is a new beginning 
in intimicy

Venus in Taurus after all
the peacefull greeneaters have arived at the secured
and juicy meadows
and anyway
Mars has busynesses in the inner world now
And Mercury today has reached his realm without border
but not without yardsticks set by number and word
this week without a call from above

and in the
middle of all

Sun ruler of Leo
spending center like the tireless spending heart
it's a high time of intensiv speaking
Sun and Mercury in the air-realm of Twins
and their tricky ruler

Jupiter links balances of love in Libra

Saturn aids/ tortures Jupiter by reducing
the field of encounter 

Pluto goes on narrowing the force of lie by
waiver of corruption 

Neptune enjoys the undamaged innocence in the depth of the holy spirit

but Uranus ruler of Aquarius
spirit of man 
completes one year from now his last of seven years
in Aries within 84 years

(at last 1927 - 1934, this year compares with 1933)

well, "history doesn't repeat - but it rhymes (Mark Twain)

so much for the week

Sonntag, 4. 6, 2017, Murnau, UTC 15:42

Montag 5. 6. 2017, Murnau, UTC15:07

In English: 6. 7. 2017 UTC 17:02.

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