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Brothers Moving with the Gods

6. 26. - 7. 5. 2017
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
  of the years 160318021980 and 1305 
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Last weeks summer-beginn

The truth of the creator
talks in the soul
when it is healed.

Ante scriptum:
No one is expected to 'understand' the following
but by the "Neptune - program" more or less
 strong in us theoreticly everyone can 'swim'
together with his/her perceiving soul on the
waters of the floating element to which belongs 
a quarter of all.
To  discern but to let repeatedly the 'understanding'
be a sake of the unconsciousness, again and again
forgetting, what has been found 'understood' for the first time
in the ways of the fathers aka mythical constellations of heaven.
Mathmatics and poetry are marrying in the symbols of heaven.

6. 28. 2017
To beginn a short view on Cancer and the
  symbols of time will tell us
 the Gods of the heart aka Leo
air-brain aka Twins
and earth-brain aka Virgo
 and of attak aka birth aka Mars
are in Cancer in a receiving mood
in contemplation of the inner mysteries of private life
and Monday Tuesday they  were contemplating Leo's souvereignety
of private action

I read: God is receiving a Lion with heart brain and vigor
within the family spheare

I perceive: Sun in Cancer, Moon in Leo
"Assad" = "Lion"

I notice: like his brother 

humbly moving with the Gods:
the righteous

see: and here, and here

while,  writen this ,
this moment's constellation in Murnau

 Free Chart

 this is an instance like an ascending God walks and talks in the (ASC =) unconscious  mind of an attending living person

It's 'all in one'
 like in an  powefull appearance of an unconscious funnel/Archetype/God
as one of God's children (see: Psam 82)

simulated Higgs-Boson

and in this moment the powerfull trio of "Funnels in Cancer ...) are entering the Sagittarius - type-of  "house" = the 9th,  of the middle-European heaven (see chart) This type rule spirit entering time,

and this Cancer's intro in time is paradoxicly not yet in time, because of  Moon in his earth-brain-statium now is in house 11 = not yet in time, is "only" spirit mirrored by matter, but will only be in time 176 miutes later = UTC 15:14 when Moon enters as the "funnel" of Cancer into time.

the universe is created by contradictions which require each other
and mirrors which mirror psyche in matter

presenting 4 funnels
undeviatingly steadyly moving into each other

the zodiac of our pre-fathers
the six days of creation
in seven heavenly calls
or six bright days of the creator
above of six nights of nature
and his peace in the 7
walking with the Moon

finer again than the four elements
the "floors" are discriminating
within the "funnel" s top = spirit
middle range = soul
"muzzle" = low range = blind elements
 mirrored in blind times

these three floors allow the Time = zodiac
to appear within the 4 corners of the 4
elements, directions, quaters of the day ...
out of which we are stirred
every day.
Murnau, 6. 28. 2017, UTC12:58.


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