Donnerstag, 29. Juni 2017

To My Brothers and Sisters at Sakers Cafe

I'm deeply impressed by the sway, the Cafe is taking. It's a kind of maturing, I feel,
 peaces of Dostojewski, a white whale's empathy for late twenty educated soft guy.

and a censuring ex-monk struggling in the imaginations of somethingthat has not found ripe roots in earth in his life, like beautifull immature communal sex of of maturing sex of Indian children in their 'child-houses',after working in the fields of the village ... see Muria, etc

To me it's an anthropological matter being the reason why the Saker has opened this Cafe digging,
that it's not only a matter of the savy and professional human angels to save us, but also each one of us to move into  a density of soul connected with spirit in which supposedly a new kind of human experience is to appear. But as the flesh may not be missed within the healthy balanced 3, our heroic oracle might always live  within within his Ghotul in our  village.

Murnau, 6. 29. 2017, UTC 17:51

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