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Venus Rules Sun till Weekend - then Pluto Calls for Work

10. 18. 2017
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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10. 18. - 25. 2017
In this last Virgo-week till Sunday Mars
the pusher

will be completing his Service to Mercury
and his/her world 
called Twins and Virgo

since Monday Mars will push
his beginnings in the  realm of Venus
where in Libra aka scale
love  growing like gras
is given by the working- together
of opposites
 it's s the natural way
to be since any beginning
in families

and no hegemon of the west can steal
the east et vice versa

all hearts borne in Libra
know that from the beginning

and no planetary hegemon can steal
the spring now from the southern hemisphere 

in God's world

given to us  as empty center
like each of us
within the zodiac around our place
and Venus makes  love 
carrying the carriers

now let's go with Venus 
through the week 

 Venus embracing for her fourth week 
the honour of  

 Sun= heart= radiation

by  loving another's
 4 - quartered center  

scoop wheel
 of each living one
scooping blood and  time

until Sunday  in Libra 
in the air-quarter of the zodiac
hence love -quarter
hence heaven
cause  heart = inner Sun
ruling Leo 
= personal gravitas+ radiation

= empty  center
= heat
= passion
= strength
= mirror of Scorpio

entered by Sun on Monday 
 the mysteries of heart
doing strictly the bidding of sister Scorpio
by  beating the drumm
behind Adam's ribs
for the family

but here we are yet out of Venus and her way
this week till Monday morning
and it is a remarkable Venus-week each year:

yesterday and today Wednesday:
Venus - psychological spoken: the partial system
liable for security and connection

was/is  passing - like each year -
3,2° Libra
and 4,1° Libra°
and will be passing on Sunday 9,5° Libra

these are hell and heal-places of the elements in us:

look at the chart: Venus was uniting  on Tuesday
with the olive= earth Uranus

today with the red = fire Mars
more beginning isn't possible 


and on Sunday
the blue Saturn/Jupiter 
in their Kingscojunction in the element air
ruling the kingdom of the laws
and the Kingdom of word

now back to Sun and heart and their complex fate this week:
this early morning Sun passed the 
24,1° Libra
where the blue Pluto of the air-element is 
radiating since 1980 for about 800 years 
radiating un a unknown way
into the "thinking" element air 
in the chart you can see along the blue dappled courses
two Plutos and one Sun are in steady resonance 
that's number  1,
number 2 is tomorrows maximum resonance with Uranus:
Sun : Uranus 
connecting 'hell' and heaven
Aries and Libra
beef and love 
and Number  3 ist on Monday not only Sun's entry into Scorpio but likewise passing  the
0,8° Scorpio
where since 1305 the green element of water =feeling
has it's highnes of word and law
 Mercury passed the 0,8° Scorpio yesterday, while
Jupiter last week but is still in Resonance with Mercury amd will be with Sun
on Monday

nothing new with Pluto and Neptune

and Moon/Luna and with her the truths
 roaming with the nightlight
the lights of the weaker nevertheless
powerfull worlds
belonging to the general dough keeping
the not-lived within the circle in the cosmic  lap of Lethe
and till Thursday night it's the light in the sixth mirror
then  till Sunday evenening in the fifth mirror:
the new appeal of Scorpio
into the  mirror-depths of the hearts
on the northern hemispere

zodiak of the 42. Week 2017 with it's 6 mirrors

Tierkreis der
 42. Woche 2017 mit ihre sechs Spiegeln
Murnau, den 15. 10. 2017, UTC: 16:11.
Montage, 16.10. 2017, UTC: 12:56
16. 19. 2017 UTC 19:29
In English 10. 18. 2017, UTC: 16:29.



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