Samstag, 7. Oktober 2017

Las Vegas - Archetypes Without Moral

10. 2. 2017 Las Vegas
First message of shooting

 It is a Twins-Moment. Definitely not a moment of emotion or affect. Twins is cool, neutral, technical, teamwork.
It's the moment, when Saturn = 'end of temporality' is in encounter at the sun-down-point. In 

Saturns rule: via Capricorn Pluto =  the plan. And Saturn, signifyer of the State signifies: latter 

closest unity with the blue Neptune = fog.

Pisces is just entering via midheaven  the  temporality(=house 9): fogggy crest rule by Neptune+  

Moon =  people in the fog.

Sun  = action in the resonance of 'blue 'planets of the crest: Saturn/Jupiter = thoughts from the  top.

Mars/Venus the actual aggression on the what I called "tissue", the social and body-tissue, are ruled 

by the 'technician' Mercury, close to the Sun = center.

And see, the red Moon and the red Mars/olive Uranus are close to ASC and ruler of ASC Mercury. No one knows in what distance the radiation of these elementary places is activating the moving lights with their elementary essence or character for the good and for the bad, as archetypes, according to Jung are without moral.

10. 7. 2017, Murnau, UTC 21:21.



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