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Strife and Love in Libra - Rich Scorpio-Complex

10. 25. -  11. 1. 2017
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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 The primeval images are famously  as idea as 
much as feeling. Hence fundamental ideas like God,
 freedom, immortality are as much as emotive
 values, like significant as ideas.
...externally and to the blind eye of the extraverted 
this compassion (of the feeling-type) appears like
 coldness and in invisible powers an extraverted
judgement isn't able to believe
ibid. § 713
... main-error is,  that one endeavors, to prove an error 
in the inference, instead of acknowledging the
distinctness of the psychic premise.
ibid. §  717

   The introverted  sensing hence  seizes more the backgrounds
 of the physical world, than it's surface. It doesn't sense the 
reality of the object as  critical but the reality 
of the subjective factor, namely the primeval images,
which in their entirety represent a psychic
 mirror-world(emphasis mine). But this mirror has the
 peculiar ability, to represent the actual contents
 of consciousness not in their known and familiar form,
 but in a certain way sub species aeternitatis, namely
 about as like as a  millions of years old consciousness 
would look at them.
 Ibid. § 720 

Our rhythmic accompaniment by Sun, Moon and planets
in the clockwork of the Sun-system
is a fact and undisputed

Astrological perception seizes this billions of years old
rhythmical concert of Sun inherent of all meaning
moving each day through the 12 heavenly houses of Earth   
added by the nine other great brothers and sisters.
All we are embodiments of universal order 
called planets 
and beside the center = Sun 
Earth self is a (small) center circled
by Luna Moon in circles whose meaning 
is inherent in Earth 

This 43. week in the horoscope of the "zodiacal man"
looks like that:

2017, 31. 10-days-intervall

plain to see, Mars now has moved into Libra hence
into the encounter in the public space
meaning to the fictive  'zodiacal man' encounter
in the direct way with  symbols of Aries

likewise Venus  moves in Libra  as regent of encounters
hence strife for the principle or
but  Mars finally ends in the arms of Venus 

and later ... peace

now for Libra each one of us has another assignment
but, as 'friendly' as the zodiac is,
 for each of us
depending on which of the 12 houses
Libra rules
it's only one twelfth of  an assignment

and, depending on where the
ruler of Libra
is positioned 
(mundanomaniac's  in Aquarius= heaven)
it's only one 12x12=144tel assignment
and the astro- + psychological premise is:
where your assignment - there you (sleeping) ability
there is intensity and density 
necessary for it
primarily as semen waiting for 
Sun and rain
= dynamis + flow
to get strong and carrying
So much for the relation of signs
and times ?

Of the multiple rhythms, Döbereiner assigned to the signs, lights and Planets

the 7 is recognized as Moon/Cancer life-rhythm
while 10 is recognized (or proposed) for heart, Leo and Sun.

Hence the twelve appears two times:
one time as Signs
and  one time as houses

Well, like the names tell, the houses are the non-moving natural stage with Sunrise
between 1 and 12, and noon between 10 and 9 , midnight between 4 and 3 and Sunset
exactly when Sun moves from 7 to 6

so much about Venus, politically spoken the Goddess of defending territory,
psychologically spoken our 'part of person' (Teilpersönlichkeit) ruling our social and our aesthetic abilities currently traveling this week  in resonance with Pluto in Capricorn reminding the airy queen of the seriousness and eternal consequence  of love, remaining the Goddess of territory in resonance with Puto being ruled by Saturn. Therefore all splitting-trials are doomed, Capricorn /Saturn keep the shape of partnership and  territory and Tuesday in a week Venus will be under strictly Scorpio-condition and the elements are waiting with a double Pluto of air and fire, all  blessing sacrifice, relinquishment and waiver, without which no form ever is possible to emerge.

 more of the Scorpio-complex:

while Venus  in Libra it's all about openness and encounter
Libra is air - sign = wind, touching the surfaces of being

John 3:8

The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”

 there in Scorpio it's about the consequences of "wind"
Scorpio isn't air- but water-sign
meaning of 'water': going into the depth = soul
in which the brood is anchored
and bonding

 This pattern is over millions of centuries rooted in the feeling creature woman to whom
is natural  hence the demand of faith = waiver like with many birds and men
Skorpio isn't born out of ghost
but out of soul
Scorpio nurtures the inner readiness in the 
privateer man for waiver on the
sexual prey outside
which changes the love of a woman
into it's most ardent fervor
fit for melting the male pride
into a handsome common utility

now here in Scorpio
Mercury is moving
the thinking and reckoning faculty
of number and language
and at weekend is in resonance with our earth-nature
 cause at 18,9° Scorpio
is a birthday of our earth-nature 
which was on July 17. 1802
when Saturn and Jupiter  in one of their
Great Conjunctions every 20 years 
along the signs of the 4 elements
after 795 years
now at 18,9° Scorpio is earth- Neptune
hence the child of the earth
 Neptune = the dynamis of Pisces
= solving 
+ actual  Mercury
= the   annual term for clearing up ones lies

With Sun and Jupiter a complex special week is to notify:
firstly this week  united in the light of Scorpio:
Sun = heart + son = Jupiter
ruler of Leo = expression
 + ruler of Sagittarius = coincidence
united in accord

and leaving Jupiter behind  Sun will then unite
on Monday at 7,1° Scorpio
with the 'green'  Uranus of our
water = feeling nature 

and on next Wednesday at
8,8° Scorpio with the blue Moon of our 
air = thinking nature

and Uranus = the stranger = man= explorer
Moon = the lap = woman= home

 About the other travelers on heaven there is nothing new.

 and Moon/Luna
is sharing till next Wednesday the entire
earth -, air-, and water realms of the ghost 
which is the timeless 'time' before time

here an early Scorpio:
23. 10. 1844, Wilhelm Leibl

 Murnau den 23.10.2017 UTC 19:37
In English: 10. 25. 2017, UTC: 20:16

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