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The Relocation of the Year: Jupiter Carries the Chance into Scorpio

10. 9. - 18. 2017
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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The Mars/Venus-amalgam had its peak last week
but we are still in their ness
Mars = the igniter 
Venus = the tissue-creator
and being in the grip of one or two (or even more
without knowing it meaning:
to be identical with it's command

So, if one or two or ten or a whole bunch of "contractors"  are killing, the killers are guided by the activated bloodthirsty side of the Mars/ archetype in the area uf busyness = Virgo
and the shooters have acted vicariously for a lot of daily hysterized people.

And to be identical with Venus = being  en mass.

now this week
both of them are
this week also in resonance with Saturn

like each god/archetype Saturn has a light
fatherly side but also the side of the
 calcified old man eating the young

the collective light side of Saturn is epitomized in the head of the staate
given that he is holding a protecting hand over the weak

decisive is not which side you are on
cause the evil has masks of each side

decisive is how conscious you are of the powers
of activated archetypes/gods

your psyche 
my psyche
our collective psyche
so easy to misguide
 by "the wind of change"

now this week's resonating Saturn is a special
one concerning thinking: it's the blue Neptune
 of the air - element visited by Saturn

Saturn + Neptune = foggy top + Mars+Venus

and till Saturday Mercury has the command via Virgo
over Mars + Venus and via Jupiter over Saturn

and that is the big change on Tuesday this week
a once a year change:
Jupiter, in command of Saturn  via Sagittarius has left Libra
and is no longer
 in command by Venus but now for a year by Pluto
as Jupiter is now in Scorpio

and another change this week concerning
Venus = the clan
on Saturday enters Libra
hence Mercury looses the command on
Taurus and Libra
Venus in Libra
is then ruler above the 'territories' = Taurus
and herself = the male component

in the encounter with the other sex
in the ups-and-downs
of Libra

but today

Venus still in Virgo
has lost her command over Jupiter
while Jupiter in  love = Libra
changed into Jupiter in love + waiver = Scorpio
= the total commitment to the covenant
by waiver of 'fire' outside

in Bavaria the women have a saying:' With an open

furnance door one can't bake no bread'
Bayerisch: mit am off’nen Ofentürl
koanst koa Brot ned back‘n

natural fire of Venus
soulfire of Pluto
spiritual fire of Jupiter

waiver = the closed furnance door
allowes a greater heat
also in bed

waiver= cristalization
of the floating value
of the soul
connecting to the circular cristallized
value of the souls in the line of ancestors

hence after elementary fire
now soul-fire
advantage by waiver
Jupiter in Scorpio
for the entire northern hemisphere
for a year
blessed is she/he who hasn's to struggle
too hard for pleasure-oriented waiver 
outside the union


Scorpio mirrors Leo
by Jupiter's relocation the state of Saturn changes
as his host becomes stricter
in the mirror of fire and ice
or Leo and Scorpio

2017 41. Week

Sun in this week is further in Libra
calling the children of balance into life 
which by the flush of Dionysos with Ariadne
are holding the balance with the children of prudence
= Virgo

cause the Venus of Libra is Aphrodite
granddaughter of Uranos = old gr. "heavens"
the "genital-loving"
receiving this week the square-resonance
of the commander of Scorpio Pluto
always demanding the waiver of unbound
by the individual
for  maintenace of the key of the species
rewarded with the highest pleasure
of body and soul

same Pluto-resonance qualifies for Mercury
catching up with Sun on Monday
waiver + lust = Pluto + Sun
waiver + advantage = Pluto + Mercury

while together with all of that
Mecury on Saturday visits the hell- and heal-grade

24,1° Libra

where the blue Pluto of the air-element
since 1980 calls for the intellectual sacrifice
and unites with the strong resonance of the Sun of the earth-element
and the Pluto of the fire-element
a waiver-grade unparalleled
in zodiac

finally Mercury will displace Jupiter
the latter slowly slipping free from the resonance with Uranus
but at weekend still will be the big triad
Uranus + Jupiter + Mercury
a moment for
man + world + busyness

additional heal- and hell-places:

 Jupiter and Saturn will be visiting for another week:

Jupiter: the green Saturn/Jupiter
at 0,8° Scorpio on Saturday
the heavenly court
of royal feeling = water

and Saturn: the blue Neptune –the child of thinking = air
on Thursday creeping over it
at 23° Sagittarius
= the childlike thinking + fatherly sobriety
also the foggy state

eventually Moon

the god of being with oneself
in the intimsphere of the family - not the clan
until today in the exterior world = Twins
house-wifes shopping
business hikes a.s.o.

then since today till Friday morning
the being with oneself within
the floating inside
Cancer, water

then till Sunday noon the being
with oneself in expression
when ever if not in Leo

since Sunday noon the recollection
on the practical untility = Virgo

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