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Bright Head and the Innocence of Talking - Mars, Venus, Sun and Jupiter under the Crown of the Soul

11. 13. - 22. 2017
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
 of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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11. 15. 2017


All statements in this diary solely
apply to the inhabitants of the northern half 
of the planet, whose spring = Sun  in 0° Aries
on March 20./21.
The diary for the southern half
is still waiting for a southern 
astrologer to formulate it weekly ...

On this occation I would like to say, that to me with Scorpio tied is a inner picture of a 'living cage' with open door, in which the 'birds of the invisible souls of our ancestors nurted by a 'twelfth of our dayly gain' to be put into, quasi as spiritual nourishment for the think-shacks of the evernmore in and out of time

the Pluto -part, of us
of us but not for us
for the souls attendant 
as invisible as feelings and thoughts

   soulbirds of the departed
spiders of neighbors 
to us in time
 maybe allowed to share God's privileg
 to be at different places coincidently

 hence Scorpio/Pluto
number 8
made for two
 waiver of whateverism
key for the way

and the crystal of non-waverism is the zodiac's
mystery of all circles within and
without us

under the upper half of the horizon


Let's start with Mars
the starter
where is it now,  the start?

obviously in Venus' airy realm
of Libra projecting love
which is a given
in our psyche

now Venus of the moment
is one unloading in Scorpio
what? generally
and the free 'love'

and the change from the 5 to the 8

and in this week now, what is the meaning of the square-resonance of
Mars with Scorpio's Pluto ?

to me it seems, the starter Mars in the airy realm of
 free love = Libra
 twoness-form in universe

therein for 6 weeks
each 1,6 years
 ruler of appearance
 beginner receiving the kick-in 
to waive the opportunity
for the body
for faith to the soul


now for Venus as mentioned
unloading in Scorpio = acceptance
of material and social uprooting
for the sake of the species

and the special encounter for Venus is
in a 3-bar step dance
over green Uranus on Monday and blue Moon on Tuesday
and now today
on Wednesday
over the green Neptune

Venus ruling the "skin in the game"
of wealth and love
applies to

water-Uranus and water-Neptune
 presenting collective
necessities of feeling of invisible truths
in the unconscious deep and high layers of 
feeling in psyche

Uranus = universal thinking of water = feeling
7,1° Scorpio since 1305

Moon = being at home of air = thinking
8,8° Scorpio since 1980

Neptune = innocence of water = feeling
10,5 ° Scorpio since 1305

well, those walking with the gods are carried this week by a Venus- deep-wave
to places of spiritual innocence and origin
others are not able to reach, cause the former are but relatively innocent
unconsciously or , better, consciously ...

well future is scooped by those
bearing to be lonely
'with the fire'

further with Mercury's ruling of our abilities
to discern and to speak
in the 'quiver' of Jupiter's arrows
while the god/archetype
in Scorpio for a year is preparing
 the 'silver bow' for his
never-failig arrows
 for all
who are prepared 
ready for loyalty in the freedom
 of love

and on Saturday Mercury + blue Venus
motive of air = thinking love and association

while all the week resonance with
  innocence of feeling + discernment of mind


while Sun in  Scorpio keeps on
calling those into life who 
are filled with an abundnce of faith
who in waiver of arbitrariness
keep into life the form of life
outliving the times
and on weekend Sun in Scorpio in visit
united with
26,2° green Venus of water
so Sun + Venus
= strength + territory

and united with
28,4° blue Uranus of air
so Sun  + Uranus
= strength + origin
And all this so to say as an award for the strength of heartto stay with the soul
in the clearness of renunciation
collecting biger and smaller 'stones' = time
for the house for which
our half-brother Jesus as you know
has laid the corner-stone

finally our father in us
and in heaven
in the brightest light of the son Jupiter' Sagittarius

between the hearts and the  meadows
of the fire-element
at  26° + 27° Sagittarius

= place of the actual Venus on 11. 8. 2016when the social herd
was enlighted from the spirit of the old light of 1603

8. 11. 2016, Washington, UTC 1:00

this time it's not Venus but 'Saturn
 = the head
= the king
= the president
in the condition of enlightment
since November  5.

which is a unconscious given to America
as the
Declacation of Independence is a
Sagittarius-Moment of heavenly Ascendance
an identity totally unconscious
so highly dangerous for anyone else cause
Americans, as long as not conscious of this, are seized  by this
powerfull archetype projecting the "we are the good ones"
deep out of the realm of American families = Cancer
associated with Venus = 'the skin'

anyway, this is the collective constellation  under the sky of the northern
hemisphere this week
anonymiously stirring in each of us 
the different elements of our mankind
coded in time- in- qualities
being united in the 'self'


and the deepmost constellations-help presented to us
by heaven above the soul
is in the the sign of Moon/Cancer
the mirror of Sagittarius/ Jupiter
the Son of heaven mirroring in the
the  well of feeling
that sword of relation
the creator has laid into the woman ...

till Saturday evening Moon helps in the
emotional orientation from Virgo to Scorpio
then since Saturday in Sagittarius
it's about the symbolein of the 2
Sagittarius = entrance into spirit

Murnau, 12.11.2017, UTC 17:24
13.11. 2017, UTC 16:47
In English: 11. 15. 2017, UTC: 17:20.



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