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A Week Dense Packed with Chance for Head Hart and Mind

11. 20. - 29  2017 Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
 of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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now this is a historic week in heaven concerned the density of
of "aeonic - birthday- Transits" by the actual lights

you find it in the incedible number of shot lines
of green blue olive and red
all triggered by the actual lights and planets

of green = water
leading to the water-aeon's lights of last birthday of
Kingsconjunction in the element water

so look at the green dappled lines and you'll find 
and when
in the deep layer of water
there are birthdays this week

now lets see: two are connected
two what? 
two of our 12 part-personalities
(stricktly speaking : 3)

this is the first  of three weeks
once in 12 years
where Jupiter- ruling Sagittarius-Person
is passing the green Neptune of say: feeling
the 'child' of feeling
since 1305 three weeks in 12 years

so this is passing, if we know it
or not
and you mean there is no difference?
without giving a try?
by conscious reception 
little kind of  meditation

Jupiter = our Sagittarius - fate
= sharing  the spirit of the species

called "gods" in Psalm 82

of one of our 12 houses
son of kronos the sly Titan
 father  of the gods

grandchild of Uranos = the heaven
father of the titans

well Jupiter is uniting this week < 1,5° with 
10,5° Scorpio = the Neptune-Archetype's feeling
birthday since 1305

hence twins -Ascendants will have it in encounter
the temporal linking to the snug fit
but no chance lest the competitor is
on a journey
 "to find a ship to take us on the way"
or a woman's heart
in a life-boat for together

what does it give to a Scorpio-Ascendant
no question 
to be it
without realizing 

to mundanomaniac, statisticly the last three weeks, in this life, for re-shaping the 6. house = practical consciousness. 

In this kind of a certain way for all of us a happy three weeks, spiritually by the actual time of waiver or focussing intimately on the chain of the generations ... out of the water (family, faith and trust)


and a second green moment will arrive
next monday 
ruling the roots of Taurus 
collectors in the earth 
and the horizons of encounter
called Libra
unloading in Scorpio's
soul- crystals of time
will meet the storage
of feeling since 712 years
green Venus

and what concerns to the  < 3° green freckled paths = deeptness in matter soul and spirit (m.s.s)

that does it to the blue ones concerning  to the element air = 'height' in the same

dto. olive = earth = firmness in m.s.s.

and dramatically this week:

 red = fire = center radiating in m.s.s.

remember last year November 8. Venus = the settled tribes  = 26° Sagittarius

meditate:this year : Saturn = the head = 26° Sagittarius

(remember same constellation retrograd: 
this year since February till  June - beginning)

but  what was 4 months in spring now compressed in one month

these 26° Sagittarius = Sun and Venus of fire
are there any grades in zodiac brighter than these two?

and we become wittnesses to the extraordinary denseness of action by actors on the level
of the 'head', see: yesterday meeting of two 'heads', today meeting of 3 presidents.

and this week will  too happen to the 'green world' of 
water = solution

Mercury on his fast way through the links of 
Sagittarius will have
 the bright fife days  each year
to enhance human -logos-ability
from Friday to Tuesday

in the very rare opportunity of meeting the father
on this side of the "timewall" (Ernst Jünger) in the sign
of the son, to whom  the look overall is a given
by the father

President Putin ruling with the gods
in the humbleness of an exact mind
Pluto+Uranus= opener to the spell
Pluto+Saturn = keeper of the spell
Saturn+Mars = fatherly voice of the son


-'the spell' is the spirit of the ancestors, hence occupiers lack the spell.

- the 'voice' is in the wilderness the very first appearance of someone coming
so jungle-politeness is to make sufficient noise to allow the avoidance of encounter

Putins voice is in touch with the brightest grade in the zodiac and appearently
in coniunction with the fatherly Saturn . He is the  pioneer of concilliation = Sagittarius.

back to the week

and the second focus of fire will be passed by Sun = the heart on next Monday
Sun + Mercury of fire
and on Thursday Sun will unite with Saturn/Jupiter = Head and Arrow of fire
or authority and enforcer of unity by the element.

and finally next Wednesday will be a time for the air element as Mars the beginner unites with blue Pluto at 28,4°Scorpio = kind of  beginning of reflection about the role of waiver
pertaining the optimal form of life

and Venus  unites with blue Uranus = in the collection the highest human thoughts on Wednesday.

It's a rare week with rare possibilities, so to speak: more for the right than the left part of the brain

enough for this week, Sun in Sagittarius now is calling the children with a width and brightness of view into life

while Moon accompagnies the nightly part of us through the nontemporal world of word number and wave in which the order of matter soul and spirit  is scooped by the heavenly scooper of gestalt

Murnau 11.22.2017, UTC: 18:39


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