Samstag, 11. November 2017

The Toppler and the Waiver and the Declaration of Da Nang

The Donald in Beijing

Capricorn = his personal sub-identity( ruler Sagittarius)
= the father in the son
 (right like Saturn in Sagittarius in the current 3 years meaning
till 2018)

and Donald's  'son' = Sagittarius
 is dealing with the waiver-paradox
 of Libra confronted with Capricorn
from where the red transit-Pluto
trying to find the solution 
for the given square
in nature
with Jupiter = the son

this is a notion referring to the 'gods'  = the anonymous heritage of nature knowing man but not person - longing for recognition by consciousness

and Pluto runs Trump's  fourth house
hence a deep and lasting feeling of
being at home
(4th house)
is to be crystallized by this person
and approached the cognitive "funnel'
the emperor of the middle 
reached to him the Donald President
the mystic of all-changing win -win
in time

VVP in Da Nang

Mars - Saturn = The wall and the fighter
Pluto - Saturn = the waiver and the wall
Mars - Sun = the beginning and the center

each planet is a reference to a realm governing one of our 12 houses in our horoscope

each Transit marks a resonance by a current member of the Sun - family with a part-personaliy
in each individual.

Call it god or archetype,  life uses them to form all kinds of clusters, hidden inside the beauty of  the species.

So much by the deep digging high brow about the big one on the ASEAN Pacific World' calendar.

Murnau, 11.11. 2017 UTC, 15:55

Just came in:

This is the heavenly mirror of it.
11.11.2017 Da Nang, 9:25
The Declaration from the Sideline

coarse structure:

the matter is Capricorn = constitution
Saturn in Sagittarius = conciliation
Saturn in 12 = coming, not yet in time

the Sun= acting in Scorpio = waiver
Pluto in 1 = appearance
Sun in 11 = origin

Kings-conjunctions resonating:

Fire: initiating
Uranus with red Pluto
toppler + waiver of the fire
(one year of 84)

Saturn with red Sun 
wall + heart
earth: carrying  
Sun with olive Neptune
heart with the redeemer of earth
(two days a year)

water: purity
Jupiter with green Uranus
conciliator with toppler of feeling
(eight days a year) 

An enhanced reading of this matter is to be found here. 

11.11.2017 UTC 17:43. 


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