Donnerstag, 2. November 2017

The Center and all Near Neighbors this Week in the Bar Codes

this week
Mercury late Scorpio,

Feasts of Saturn/Jupiter deep below conscious perception
 on the level of dynamically structured elements

what is truth in physics
is truth in psyche

or matter or God
anyway like it was from the beginning

the days of creation are six

in matter
and six in mind

and twelve in the zodiac

and psyche watching   them

mirroring  never-parting mirror
in Plant and Tree and Brother and Flesh
and Woman and mind

well my diary is the one of the fictional

mirror- person

anyway it's the now-wheel
ticking in 4 minutes tak
each moment

a smoth matter of change
a million years trained
our centers each are very wit
to manage the internal Hospital
any time
the physical no less that the psychical

yesterday a woman told about a fried a whale
so closeto her the coloss she could tic him and tickle
and the mighty tail shiverded
and slapped good bye when she left with
small boat

well, following Mercuy's path there are elements stripes awaitin' (man's consciousness, what else)

green Venus, blue Uranus, yearly fate of mankind according to the two powerful

father Saturn and Son Jupiter
in that mix of our heart = 12 x Sun 

each one has to be  =  born with = modern (wo) man
out of given own gold
in that unknown moment

I like that moment in mankind

well, so much for a Venus Uranus - moment of green feeling and blue thinking
embracing the living tribe since 1305 = feeling and 1802 = socializing

within this yearly passage of Mercury and his resonances traveling as the brain's cross around each day

and Sunday

relocation into dynamic stage of conciliation = Sagittarius
= the funnel to the father = Capricorn

each one's rhythms in Kings-Conjunction this diary is thankful for and for our inventive ancestors
and there is an unknown number of years, each one will be passing the 0° at her/his time to enter back into the mold or to bee it
well, ciao for now Mercury, great brain of the little things

Venus? Completing her third airy third. Our earthy and airy potentials
 the latter on the middle = soul - stage

an elementary dock at Libra 24,1° a Scorpio/Pluto in the air

man's waiver in the harem 
deep women consist of
to get a ticket for two
with a father's daughter

well that was on Tuesday
call it the waiver-party of the year
waiting to become conscious
in consciousness with out strange lies

then on Tuesday, Venus steps into Scorpio
more about later

now watching Sun aka the center/heart
calling the children of Scorpio true
to the initial code by heart

 this week's ten days since Monday show
four bar-codes three of them 
first-class-beings in density of imagination

green Uranus, blue Moon, green Neptune

a mix of 2x water = 1305
ans 1x air = 1980
within the coining of Scorpio 

well, I'm thinking that th e obligation of this diary is, to mint words 
as far as it's not hurting the great own minting of  oneself 

well, green Uranus of feeling,  water-truth of (wo)man 
or blue Moon  of thinking, nest for thoughts to live in
green Neptune of feeling the sensible wale of God 

and entities like that ... the bar-code of aeonic fate

this week  with within Scorpio':
 heart = Sun and her/his
 essental resonances traveling with Scorpio
(= Aquarius, Taurus, Leo)

it's the second of four weeks in this essential
quality of 12 times saying: stop, this is with you
but not for you -  it is for the greater family
in neighboring times - those coming and
those beyond but 'still at hand' no less wonder
than 'living in time' ...

well,  week of wonders for the heart
of the waiving person in us
old feelings and new thoughts
the old ones collective gem
and the new one cosy personal

incredible for Mars, to be late as such
being talked about only  now
but life knows every paradox

well, Mars is in Venus' realm Libra where the pair-
ships count
and he is the one - between - two
a she in one
he has about seven weeks for that and it seems
Libra has been made for Mars like
Ewa for Adam

and Mars will part in us of the initiating collective
person of encounter  = Libra of this time
and the coming ten days will bring the
peak of the highest wave  each year of thinking
the blue  Saturn and Jupiter
heavenly father and 'son if the air element

They are waiting for Mars to bring an initial
energy to the blue bar code of  superior thinking
on 9,5° Libra

and  all additional part-personalities in us aka
 slow walking  planets of Sun 
are remaining in earlier defined conditions
but Saturn will become "stuffed" with fire
the coming weeks

Trump-election had Venus in this fiery realm

but Moon

providing shadow enough for our souls
to live in the light of current days

in our chart  this week with invisible names of days
from Pisces to Twins
roughly: from feeling deep and wide = Pisces
to thinking large and wide = Twins
 via acting = Aries to reacting = Taurus

Murnau, 11. 2. 2017, UTC 23:12.




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