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Update: November 22. - 3 Presidents and the Three Arrows

again slightly embarrassed by the richness of information by the red 'day-code' of 'planets in resonance' in astro-speak: transits from latin 'transire' = passing along and sometimes passing over -

V.V. Putin
transit 2017 11 22

(red = transit = Planet-resonance of the day)
conjunction = adding
opposition = marrying
square= working

Mars - Saturn
Saturn - Pluto
Uranus - Pluto

Mars is the starter in Sagittarius
= Conciliator in 2. house
=  dominance in the herd
Saturn is = 'the father'
in Libra =
keeper of the balance in conjunction Sun = heart
ruling Leo = the 'power of brightness'
= consciousness
of the essence of 'balance'
between good and evil
bright and dark
good and bad days

and additional

Pluto in Leo
Leo = the ways = possibilities
of the sovereign heart
in our ancestors
 Pluto at MC
= mid heaven  
the ancestors as keeper
at the tunnel into
and out of

VVP  is the chroniclers late sweet drink of God - in- man's political nectar since 2014


Here is a student of him

coming in the
 great tradition of Muslim
at the end of the day
and a few
even before

who knows, a Pisces-heart's
ruler Neptune meets the toppler


Saturn - Jupiter
Neptun - Uranus
Uranus - Mars

Saturn = the father in Sorpio = receiving by faith: form
in Scorpio = by the ancestors' images
'bout the way to walk
in  house 9 = just in time
= 'kismet'

met by Jupiter = 'son'
 in 9 =
at the crest of a fatherly wave
of meaning
just entering time
viewing 'the entire'
'in a moment'

'son' linking the 'father'
= possible time - like a dry stream-bed -
 linked with floating time
= mirror-image of the wet floating element
 dancing in the dry bed

just an image of German optical genius in TV last night:  Goebbels's romantic movie "Colmar"
done 1944/45. A petit-bourgeoise wagner-dream of a German militäry gang used by the planetary
deep state ...

More of Erdogan please
ok, Neptune the 'child'
in the adult ruler's 'innocent'
Pisces- heart in resonance with it's opposite
Virgo- ruled 'Toppler' Uranus

double 'kismet'

his Uranus met by  Mars's resonances
= the warrior of balance 
= it's beginning
= place for the toppler = Aquarius = man in the owners
personal 'custody'
and last but not least from the oldest civilisation of the three 

Rouhani Hassan

Sun in Scorpio  = heart of the sovereign sacrificer
met by Venus
the goddess of togetherness and harmony


 so much from the astrological reading - leaving the readers to abandon or start thinking = sinking in oneself ...

The rough scheme of the gods in us
 mirroring them
 out of us

Mars = beginning, challenging
Venus =  territory keeping
= minding of balance
Mercury =  sensual underway in space of world
= and soul
Moon = lap of things and beauty
Sun = the 'giving' radiating center = 'heart'
Pluto = the helpfulness of waiver
Jupiter = conciliator
Saturn = fatherly voice from beyond
Uranus = toppler from beyond
Neptune = innocence from beyond

11. 24. 2017, Murnau, UTC 17:10.
12. 5. Murnau, UTC 21:08.

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