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In the Kismet of Weeks in Brightness

12. 4. - 13. 2017 
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
 of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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"... but we know little or nothing about secular
 mutations of the uncosciousness, or
rhythmical processes of archetypical nature ...

C.G. Jung, Mysterium Conjunctionis/II, 
 § 182
This incidental remark in his later works denotes to me the insurmountable height ( = Aquarius) of a scientific conscience. Admittedly there is no lack of respectful statements on astrology by him, but for himself he has excluded, to publicly dabble in this spiritual realm, save for parallel- insights in his personal psychological observations.

The remark, see above, stems from the chapter: "About the Religious Problem of the Renewal of the King". ibid. § 178.
In it he deals with the to all of us inherited drama of the two sexes in their inner-soul kings-, hero- (=Sun = heart = boldness) patterns in their typical psychic images, drawing into the all of us inherited  'fairy tale' of the achievable unity of innocence, boldness and kindheartedness; as well as the containing placidity of the female 'night' with her greater truth in the world of Moon, whose light doesn't obliterate, like the brightness of the day, the light of the other 'persons' of the Sun-family. Therefore women in their hunch are generally convinced in the 'stars'.
Jung's conclusion of a lifetime of research: a all 'kings' even  god-images wear off in time. Their renewal is the major drama of meaning in the depth and height of our unconsciousness.

The rhythmical conversions, made visible in 'secular horoscops' are to be understood  as parallels to the conversions of the patters in our collective unconsciousness, whre we are known and not known

like the realm of one and the realm of us all

 We as inhabitants of our respective hemispheres might have to achieve our collective 'shape of the actual 'elemental man' within the lifespan of  each of the Kings-conjunctions of the four elements of about 800 years, here called the aeons of the 4 elements. on all three stages:

spiritual geistig
psychic seelisch
elementary elementar

three floors of each
in the zodiac

Since the 9. century in Bagdad kings-conjunktions were observed. 
They knew The Ziad al Shah called 'Kingsbooks 'assorted' and described rhythmical figures on heaven
 Their 'birthday'-horoscopes of the great mutation of an entire age of each of the four elements are

the Kingsconjunctions

we are living in

in the four colors  drawn in the chart above in the inner orbital below the signs of the zodiac. The abundance in the colored 'bars' = codes in the unconscoiousness between Libra and Sagittarius gives a hint to the particular importance of the symbols of 'autumn' in the deep collective layers below our consciousness, so to say the 'socket' below our conscious psychic common 'continent'. With this  in mind, 'autumn' in our reflection is of high symbolic relevance.

 49. Week
12. 4. – 13. 2017

Let's beginn with the great movements deep underneath and above our consciousness, the aeons, which we lay upon and underly and which 'socket' has visits by the 'gods' of the 82. psalm, on which we can say roughly:

blue = thinking = air
red = touching = fire
olive = being touched = skin to skin = earth
green = feeling = water = inner

The Monday showed the entire constellation without any touch of the aeonic 'gods' closer than 1°
but yet on Tuesday Venus, ruler of Taurus and Libra
reaches the red 4,9° Sagittarius of fire since 1603

and the Friday sees Mercury ruler of Twins and Virgo retrograd
on the red Venus of fire and on Saturday on the red Sun

also the Friday sees Venus aeonic again 
litereally at the peak of fire
Sautrn + Jupiter
"pivotal for the items of the beginning  like religion and dynasties  and what else
is outlasting long times"
(Abu Ma’shar 787 – 866)
Venus united with these two of earliest height
father and son of the high early realm
together with the goddess of fairness
of beauty
in nature
on Friday

and finally two blue days are coming:
on Friday Sun one day on  her tour each year meetin the blue Venus
of beauty and reflection on the balance
what a day to stay free of duty to be alone within the outer and inner nature

and Mercury retrograde meets on Monday for the second time with blue Neptune
in the innocence of early thinking

adding to that since Monday Sun is in one of the four main resonances of the year
between her in fire-sign Sagittarius and Neptune in the water-element-sign of Pisces
signifying the heart to be new created in childly innocence
- a religious  course in the unconsciousness of the soul
cleaning wave for anybody who
has "accumulated enough virtue" (Lao Tsu 59)

Last not least Mars
who likes to be the first, but has to wait until Sunday
to meet the highest 'wave' of water
the green glacier at 0,8° Scorpio 
Saturn + Jupiter
father and son of water since 1305
power of sacrifice
focus of the shapes
and the faith
to the ancestors in  and invisibly around us


So much for the ancestors, following the iranian hunch of the 9th century, which took shape firstly in the Bagdad of the early Abassids whose caliphs founded the 'bait al hikma' (house of wisdom).

 The elementary shapes of the aeons of the 4 elements = their Kings-conjunction

 Kings-conjunctions are shaped by the   two largestmost planets
father Saturn and big son Jupiter meeting in conjunctions of 
father and son every 20 years 
in Kingsconjunction of an elements very first entry into a series of  about 10 conjuctions in the same element
 what a major rhythm in the sun-family, happening  10 time in series in about aevery 200 years.

4 times 200 = about 800 years for a common aeon

more about it in each of my diaries

again briefly now for the 'normal' events of the weekly
travel of the lights

one relocation in the signs happens on Saturday:
Mars finishing his stand in Libra
virtually as a 'bodygard' for Venus
after having entered Scorpio ( view above) on Saturday he is to be
sword and tooth of Pluto
the lord of the frozen possibilities
in the tenth sign of Capricorn

... in my point of view being at home in Moscow as well as in Sochi thanks heaven

the Pluto-color in the innermost ring of the planets (see above) is turquois
not appearing this week

but unforgettable in encounter on
April 14. 1912
23:40 local time
ahead of Newfoundland

Titanic = luxury
on a far journey = Sagittarius in 12 = not in time
in collusion with the glacier of time = Pluto
= frozen water

the turquoise Moon signifies the imbroglio
of Pluto with Moon in house 3
= underway in real space of Pisces = water

Moon = life
square Pluto = sacrifice
in Twins = underway

luxury, unforgettable having been underway, meeting the symbol of waiver
and it's power

Soros and Putin

look into their faces
when they speak


back to a last glimpse  on the colors of the week
here not of the colors of the elements but of the
'planets themself' = of walking fate' in this chronicle:
(according to W. Döbereiner)
and their colored- grades-resonances

Pluto = turquois
Neptune = green
Saturn = blue
Uranus = orange
Mars = red
Jupiter = bottle-green

the uncolored ones are the swift-travelling ones
being colored by fate and own lower meaning

hence colored are this week
roughly read:

Mercury in the beginning Saturn-blue = spiritual disciplin underway
in the conception of the whole (=Sagittarius)

Sun green initially by Neptune = innocence of the heart
 also in the conception of the whole

Venus later green by Neptune = innocence of connection
also in the conception of the whole

all these colors are concerning all of us
effecting the corresponding grades of the zodiac
for themselves and by that for all
cause the harmonious whole divides, to be complete,
into 12
double-hours,  months, wind- directions,
houses of God in heaven
mirroring earth
of six days
in a week of seven
in the kismet of weeks
in brightness

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