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Out of the 5.000 (+ innumerable) years old zodiac of the year on which we all could and should unite

12. 25. 2017 - 1. 3. 2018
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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52. and last week of the year

 and in the post-gregorian world of the west the short bright days inclined
 to the  long Christmas-Eves, the feast for the children originally ...

This diary can only be written out of mundo's ascendent in the way of Moon which is Cancer = welling in the unobtrusive way of Sun in Pisces, swimming in the depths
of the backgrounds.

And with the Sun in Pisces the author swimms in the 10. house = in the non-temporal
yardsticks of life, meaning a life in one of the 'tents' in the village, and nothing else, in other words among the 'gods' of God, of which the Psalm Nr. 82 talks

Cancer = midnight of the zodiac
vehement conception
of the light of the bright day

No sign is more receptive for the light of order, than the nocturnalmost,
 has more capacity for light than the darkness.

And that has Mundo together with a twelfth part of all Cancer-ascendants:
Moon as ruler of Cancer in Cancer
and of these he shares the half part with Moon in the 1. house
of the two possible parts Moon in Cancer
= a 288th part of mankind

With Sun in Pisces x 12 = 3.456, and male x 2 = 6.912, with Sun in house 10 (or 9)
= x 2 = 13.824th part of male mankind

Sun at noon - left side of midheaven - meaning:
'not yet in time' ...

 2. 26. 1942, UTC 13:07, Neumünster

... or past midheaven =  in time (W. Döbereiner, my teacher) ...

28. 2. 1928, UTC 12:07, München

... makes together in the statistical normal distribution: each 13.824 males on the planet
there is one with the 'coarse structure' like Mundo.

For the chronicler in Murnau with 12.000 inhabitants, with  rough estimated the half are over 40 = 6.000 Mundo is statisticly only 0,434 times in the village, so more or less not at all. 

But in the male mankind, 7.6 billion : 2 = 3,8 billion, between 40 and 100 = ~ 1,9 billion
Mundo's 'coarse structure' is existing after all ~ 137.442 times, nature is lavish but not statistic,  and, see: Murnau, rallies in complexes called synchronicities.

If one takes one's fine-structure of the horoscope, a rare complex, e.g., like in mine,  the Saturn + Uranus + Mars of February 26. 1942, then the horoscope gathers a nearly infinite originality in still exactly defined rareness.

This proves, nature is no statistical chessboard, but a gatheress in complexes
 = nature is contour, ist work of the archetypes at the contour of the living.

This is spreaded here  so personly  now of all times, to show the way,
how, carefully calculated, the coarse structure of each unique individual
is to be gained, beginning with the 'deep forgotten' ascendant (which was never conscious)
as the root of the entire person, it's abilities and it's fate
to the ruler of the ascendant
to the sign of the Sun to the housde of the Sun

In case of Cancer the receptivity for the 'light'
signalized by the darkness of the 'feeling-function' (Jung) in the zodiac.

Cancer = water = 4th element

in the sky the flying black
 craw craw

 respect for well
night and darkness
respect for the
 interior dark
thirst for the light of creation
like every year
at noon in the sign of Pisces

52. Week

Out of the 5.000 (+ innumerable) years old zodiac of the year
on which we all could and should unite
talks in the 2. house of my person
 Pluto = astrology
= daily contemplation of the swift and slow gyrations
which had 1942 in the fourth of 26 years
 thrived in the gold of Leo

but no one (today) tells that to anyone in school ...

we 'animals' with our invisible character
and our forgotten innocence
let's check in into the weekly zodiac
and let's read the message of this week:

Aries: Outbreak of energy
in the Scorpio-cristal of the soul
Mars in Scorpio
and the god-man in us
Uranus in Aries 
permeats through the gap of beginning

Taurus: Aggregation and storage
in the pneuma ruling above the borders
of the temporal
Venus in Capricorn

Twins: Distinction in space
again ahead in the counter- curve
once again in the perception of the entirety of conceptions
Mercury in Sagittarius

Cancer: Commitment to the interior
from the depth to the width this week
Moon from Pisces to Twins

Leo: The Externalization of one' own
in the spirit above the borders of family
Sun in Capricorn

Virgo: The prudence of life
once again in the perception of the entirety
of time
Mercury in Sagittarius

Libra: The invitation into the form of life
in the spirit above the borders of Eros
Venus in Capricorn

Scorpio: The readyness to accept form

further on in the high spirit of Capricorn
where the sacrificer Pluto always
governs the paradox together with
  Venus, Sun and Uranus
the holy middle four

now Mars and Jupiter
the fighter and the uniter

two of the fiery cards
in the game to play
for the bond
to the eternal mothers and the eternal fathers
and their theater of time

less to Sagittarius
only one overholder
Mercurius last
of a former bunch of
30 + 1 years
with Saturn
as guest of the son Sagittarius

the setting into a harmonized gestalt
concilliation by the god of waiver
= Jupiter in Scorpio
till Nov. 2018

something invisible
overcoming time like
judge by time
Saturn in Capricorn
the ruler time - back in invisibility

measure of all times
home in the 4
back in the 4 ...

his year is 29, ... Sun -years
back home now with his resonances with

no longer with

origin of gestalt
heir of the old
Uranus till May in Aries
heaven toppling with Mars

Pisces  ruler child Neptune
futher at home in the depths of Pisces'
this week's entrance =  in the  fading resonance
of last week's with
ruler of consciousness and reason
 fitting superficially
optimally contained against the depths

special in the week is:

last week's Mercury +  Neptune resonance
is as well as a component of any Titanic-catastrophy
way + depths

next weekend Mercury visitting 
blue Venus of the air element

and Uranus further lingering on the red Pluto
of the fire-element in Aries
with his decisive resonances in the socket ...

man-god and readyness to receive form of time

by warriorgod and goddess of love
and depth of the lap of earth

and next week's beginning has

Sun and Venus not only in the abstract cold
of thinking
or Capricorn 
but in one of the new entered 29 years
each with
Sun , Venus, Mercury
in conjunction with Saturn at home
for one, two weeks ...
meaning: an extreme of disziplin for heart and storage

so much for this year and all the best for the new one for anyone reading this in anytime

last blog in 2017 hope to see you

Murnau den 25. 12. 2017, UTC 18:37.
In Englisch 12. 27. 2017, UTC 21: 00, first,  
then after a short redaction UTC 21:09


exact shot 11°43' only psyche deals like that

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