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High Under the Balloon ... Towards the Brightest of the Days

12. 11. - 20. 2017 
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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Before WW II. the Angloamerican Jews
 rightly knew:
It's the brains being to be occupied.
He knew  the medium for that:  the nephew 
of Sigmund Freud, Edward  Bernays:
  Propaganda The tool for it: media.

“There are invisible rulers who control the destinies of millions. It is not generally realized to what extent the words and actions of our most influential public men are dictated by shrewd persons operating behind the scenes.”
 Edward L. Bernays, Propaganda

Against these reptiles of the background at the
same time C.G.Jung and the circles around him
developed the Psychology of Individuation 
with the highest-most respect for the soul of 
the individual person.

Erich Neumann, the master-student of Jung
uses in his Master-work
"The Origins and History of Consciousness"    
the concept of "New-Experiment of the Psyche".
With this term he also has formulated the
 consciousness - principle of  Aquarius
in a linguistically valid way.


1. 23. 1905 Erich Neumann
Sun in Aquarius with Uranus in Capricorn
Saturn in Aquarius

Parallel and counterpart to Jung :

Sun in Leo 
  Saturn in Aquarius
ias pupil called: "Father Abraham"

26. 7. 1875, C.G.Jung

Neumann's birth-time isn't known hence no ascendant

= the 'material' out of which his Sun scooped
but he stands in the room of the Aquarius-hearts
like Max Beckmann, Mozart, Schubert ...
or in other words: in the eleventh sector of the entirety of twelve.
whose connection with God the first verse

of the Psam 82 described:"God presides in the great assembly;
    he renders judgment among the “gods”"

Among those "New experiments of the psyche"  counts this chronicle in which
the movements of the psychic powers deep underneath of our consciousness
in parallel to their rhythm-bearer in the sky exactly drawn physically 
and in outlines read psycho-physically.

The Jungian perception of the mystery is open = Aquarius
The perception of this chronicle is fluent, cause it scoops off Cancer
and walks with the Moon  


This week like always
tha 'male' signs 
Fire and air
are mirroring the female ones
earth and water
upon which to meditate more is worth for western souls

the east does it since millenniums


This week, the 50th of 2017
is hence blessed with a massive call on the Cancer
called root of the soul = family
of the individual
So with Sun in Sagittarius - time each year
Sun = heart calls the
while 'father' Saturn calls for the same
since two years


Uranus = the spirit of man

in the appearance of the 'hungry men' underneath the free sky
= Aries
(re)occupying territory till next May

mirroring the heavenly child = Neptune
in the  attacking spirit of Aries

at last in January 2016

Mars since Sunday again is in Scorpio
taking Uranus now along into the realm
of form, sacrifice and waiver
for the sake of the ancestors and the yet unborn



In the circle of 255 days around the Sun

now further on in the ninth heavenly house = Sagittarius
there in the  perception of the whole
this week changing places of understanding with Mercury

and Venus thereby has her yearly anniversary
with the blue Venus of the air-element =  thinking
at 17° Sagittarius
blue Thursday of 'air' -element = emptiness
allowing the second zodiacal house = like Taurus
to build a vault in the dense stuff
and = like Libra
giving sex a room

in the day

 zodiacal  'air' is the physical emptiness of thinking

a 'blue' ability of man
called Geist = Spirit 
of the creator

our IV. Quarter

each one of us has his own 'gods'= IV: quarter

before and after
and Jupiter is giving
or not
the conciliation with everything at it's place
no 'rest'

so the study of the places is all

physical emptyness called spirit

by which

 so much has space in
the brain

new Venus + blue Venus

high underneath the balloon

collectoress of our social spirit
Why of our?
cause blue = spirit might be like a

socket from above 
ordering us perfectly
original far above our conscious
sensual realizing
hence lacking in our daily awareness

like since Beginning deep under a God-filled Balloon
carrying all of us
within and without
around the circling thoughts 
 and experiments
of the universe

but the balloon doesn't know our
 number ... not even of our common Century
but   a convoi= style of eighthundred years of 'blue' = air = thinking- time
 has ended
on the blue December 1980
coming unstuck the old one

of 1186 

the new air - Venus since 1980
for about 800 years
collecting the mirror- images of balance into the soulorgan of man
of man
giving the complementary space
here and then in eternity

for America the thougt: ' do we truely like

 there might be something strange to us
 (and ourslike) in the world?'
is America partner-like?

if Venus' people with their charge for realm and love

are corrupted
it's done with the realm
myth tells us
us poor weak man and our heros
of people like whom Homer tell stories
in his Illias



brother Mercury, the enlighter of the senses
knowing the strange places
and the homely ones 
kicking the threefold ball
throug air and earth
hence called by the majority to
give the regulars
his place at the aegyptian death-scales:
writer of the ruling

his mojo is the neutral strance
delivering it to a party is not his duty
loosing the neutral stance is serving the 
demon of diabolo 

Mercury for the time being rushes 
appareantly backwards through Sagittarius
yester/today passing Sun
like all swirls 
traveling crosscurrents
     Mercury still marches on encircling Sun
in his 88-day-runs

but oK. two-dimensional projected on the horizon, one on earth has to take note: Mercury9°
backwards through Sagittarius
passing Sun and Venus

hence, logos in us the counter and teller according to his light is faster than we

hence Earth stays behind
hence might be time for a re - vision the emergences
of the intellectual and care-keeping things


on Wednesday Sun onwards and Mercury 'backwards'

meet another: 

heart +  distinction
Sun + Mercury

and Sun is in the final climb to the Sun of the fire-Element
met on Sunday and Venus of fire met on Monday

Three divine siblings and god Sun before the background of Sagittarius  + till next Wednesday   'father' Saturn he then will remain in his polar realm of Capricorn still beyond 2020

and the Sagittarius-ruler Jupiter in Scorpio
is  for a year shaping the  happy change
by waiver of sovereignty


By the way, next Sunday will be for the matters of 'heart' the brightest day of the year

when Sun = Light = Christ = Symbol of conscious-brightness of the center
passes 26° Sagittarius Sun of the fire-element

and with Moon the lap of the soul is hiking in circles through man and animal

this week from Wednesday noon till Saturday morning in Scorpio

 then through Sagittarius till Monday

 through the second and third stage 
of the third
quarter -
must be the non-physical complement
 of the physical space

the image-quarter
of matured meaning
which's time has come
in the steps of 

 Sagittarius = fitting
Scorpio = linkage

Sonntag 10. 12. 2017 UTC 17:00,
Montag, 11. 12. 2017, UTC 16:37.

In English 12. 13. 2017, UTC: 18:37.


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