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Heart's Fiery Mutation and Blind Mars' Conciliation with Jupiter on Sunday

4. 29 - 5.  8.2019
0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 FireEarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305 
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Older than breathing is the heartbeat, in which father and Mother have risen early ... the end has them close to another. The heart is living the secret of the Sun ,  constantly defeating the cooling als lord of the birthday.
But lord of the birth is the sign, rising at the eastern horizon while the first breath. With it starts the uniqueness of an individual by severance off the mother.

By the exact daytime of the birth Astrologers  find that of the 12 signs of time, which ia ascending at the horizon appearing ascertainable as matter below the horizon and invisibly  as spirit above it.

For both, heartbeat and ascendant the zodiac usually has two different signs, but about Sunrise it can be the same, which do define in most general form one of 12 ways of life.

The psyche of man 'phantasizes' these given ways of life, like it does in animals. In man psyche creates myths and symbols and basically the 'great rear-animals, which seemingly govern the world.' (C.G.Jung)

This astromundane diary routinely  rarely describes births and hence rarely ascendants, but
apprehends the distance in the zodiac, which our siblings of 'Sun's family out of us and within of us travel. Fix Sun appears by the way Earth is traveling around him in front of the visible background of the star-images and the invisible zodiac beginning at spring-aequinox with 0° Aries.

Instead of and individual ascendant the astromundane diary refers to the psycho/physical gestalt "Zodiacal man" as super-individual pattern and heir of the development of life from the beginning till mankind, each one being a pattern composed of the twelve patterns of the zodiac living unconsciously within us as instinct, soul and spirit, whose attendance depends on an ego (Ich) which is ready to receive it, which is "not ascertainable hic et nunc" (Wolfgang Pauli) but which is present in the fact, that the physical  and psychic matrix is identical." (C.G.Jung)

18. Week 2019

the zodiacal man in us
as single being
wild hungry and innocent among men

attended by the demons of hunger like every predator
by Aries presently ruling 
Venus and Mercury
appearing in Twins

Mercury in Aries signifies
the newborn intellect
still knowing nothing but blindly following
as well as Venus in Aries

their domains
Twins and Virgo
as well as
Taurus and Libra
with all their heavenly guests
currently are succumbing  to a rather stupid spring
appearing in statures like the
clowns of Kiev and Caracas.

Mercury now and Venus next week undely
intesive resonances with
Saturn + Pluto in Capricorn
which are defending the 
non-temporal measures
lord of the cross
and the faith to the ancestors
lord of the circle

what it means? look for yourself
it's a stern pair of rulers
in the stern sign of Capricorn
aka state.

The chronicle likes them
Saturn as lord of the cosmic order 
of completeness in the sign of 

the same of two

4 = completeness of an individual
8 = completeness as a pair

in resonance with Mercury = the 6
= the ways
Venus = the 5 = the territories

weal to those
who wander with the
while the others blindly 
erring  through the media

the 'spiritual poor'
hence blessed
in their seclusion
are able to hide 
the Neptune in Pisces
as well as the intensive 
Mars in Twins
currently receiving the square-resonance
of the Pisces-child Neptune's
which is immortally
anchored in the 
Unconscious Zodiac

the Jupiter however
conciliator and
son of the father of time

again is 'humming'
with blue Neptune of the air-element
at 23° Sagittarius
the salutary child of the spirit

air-element = thinking
in this shape united with the resonance of 
blind Mars
in intensive opposition = complement

at the same time
next Sunday it's heart's
day of mutation
when Sun will be united
with red Uranus
the divine toppler
each year met by Sun at 14,2° Taurus
with the relieving prototypes

Murnau, 29. 4. 2019, UTC: 15:53. In Englisch: Wednesday May 1. UTC: 17:17.


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