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Venus' Intermission on Monday

5.  20. - 29. 2019
0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kings -conjunctions
of the Four Colors and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305 
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"Reading what never has  been written"

"This kind of reading is the oldest: reading before
all language, out of the bowels, the stars or 
Later links of intermediation
of a new kind of reading, are coming into use, 
runes, hieroglyphics 

Walter Benjamin, Tenet of the Similar


Since my first encounter with astrology, by a seemingly  banal pocket book on the sign of Pisces, its author Wolfgang Döbereiner with his "Textbooks of Astrology", provided me with  sequel stuff for my ordering reflections.
With its 12 signs the zodiac ordered the entire universe until ones own house number at each place and in each time. In the chronicle at hand the chronicler projects the weekly considered zodiac on the so called 'adam secundus', the 'second adam', the  complete conscious  'zodiacal man', who is  from the beginning in our unconscious autonomously present, governing by the archetypes of time.

To this 'adam'-male   likewise corresponds an androgynous zodiacal woman with her own zodiacal order beginning with Libra.

Zodiac Eva

Circle and partition in which form ever are dwelling in the universe.  Apperceived meaning in consciousness, attending us the travellers in the circle,  are leading to the optimum of life as timely completeness.
How far man/woman in their 'educated' life are removed from the intuition of own timely completeness is a fact of fate, while the distance to the timely  meanings of ones own life is  fatefully.

The return to the oldest, to the zodiac and the art of 'reading' appears to the chronicler worth any commitment in view of all the coming centuries and millennia, as far as we will survive the present spiritual  bottleneck of mankind.

Miraculously blogging is (still) allowed in Murnau and elsewhere - one hasn't to move to Jerusalem,
one may begin ones work of redemption with oneself at any place.

21. Week 2019

628. attempt to read the zodiacal man's inclinations
within ourself


Fire, Aries, blind innocent maleness,
swiftness, acrimony, blindness,


water, Pisces, hunchful innocent femaleness,
slowness, depth, mellowness

and further rhythmically through the 6 mirrors till the descendant
and back again to the ascendant
that is the completeness of the zodiacal man
in 12 times 7 years

in the 21. Week 2019

Mars ahead signifies an anomaly of energy and
exhaustion in Cancer-land
(as Mars is a jumper/sprinter)
Mars = readiness for inflammation in the inside
till beginning of July


today Wednesday
Mercury together with Sun
moved into Mercury's realm Twins
where the demons of intellect use to occupy
the throne which appertains to Sun
while Mercury's keen
advising in details  renders 
invaluable service to the king
concerning the outer world

with Mercury in Twins for  two weeks
and a little
 together with Mars 
in the inner world 
since Mercury
has entered Cancer

this week and this year: watch the 3. mirror
Sun and Mercury are are to  mirror the stern 
fatherly rule of Capricorn's
torturing the demons worldwide 
since 2008 by Pluto
and 2018 by Saturn

the beginning of time is between Capricorn and  Sagittarius
since  Capricorn is the third 
"stage  before time" (MC) = spirit
after Pisces and Aquarius
between Capricorn and Sagittarius
is the time-wall-Tower
 with Saturn's  narrow gate

mirroring the beginning of 4th. mirror
at 0° Capricorn = 30° Sagittarius 
between time and soul
will  mark the
mirror- transition from Twins to Cancer 


Still missing among the shapes that change weekly is Venus. She rules Taurus and Libra and rulers,  dominated by these signs (currently Uranus and Venus) and unites "at home" constancy and heaviness of the earth with the levity of wings in the air-balance = spirit, which, as love, carries life.

in Taurus she walks on the secure acres and fields
of civilization and secures
the roots of life 
but will be temporaryly intermitted 
by her union with red Uranus of the
at 14,2° Taurus
on coming Monday 

Well, it's the same to me like to you, mostly these elementary 'birthdays' provide to me non perceptible shape, but sometimes ... check Venus on  11 9 2016, or check Sun on May 5./6., every year and so on. It will be becoming the non-boring big and holy game, delving in the weekly heavenly knots and doing the 'google'  of ones astrological  intuition like: Sun 5th /6th of May: Birthday = Sun about 14-15° Taurus  =
5. 5. 1818

UTC 1:33:28 Trier
Karl Marx

Karl Marx,  Andreas Bader, Maximilian Robbespierre. ... hence Uranus is left, is toppler,  Saturn is right, is calcifyer, both are necessary for balance and both have their demons placed in the time and  in the souls but both have their Godly atoms everywhere, ready to enter by Venus-magic  a common state by socializing,  a  real but invisible anonymous state of socialized  God-atoms = hearts

and beyond the first door into the tooth-wheel of time you discover everyday a new cog in this wheel of time, remaining the same and changing everyday in which everything is and remains in  preordered "tooth-wheeled" circles from the beginning and with everyone's special place under God's greatest and smallest wheel. 
every week 
traveling with them in and out of us 
 traveling with Sun and Moon 
and Mercury and Mars 
and Venus  
and with
 beginning with Jupiter 
the slow-marchers in us
with steps beginning with one year
then nearly 3 years Saturn
seven years
Uranus and 
14 years Neptune
 till sometimes 25 years
   like a part of  extreme elliptical Pluto-Years

every week having the full astronomical/astrological game-plan of the archetypes within us and around us - with our ignorance or wisdom in the middle of God's  Sun and heart and the fate of  Suns realm Leo 'the center of power'.

Sun in Twins
big time for the Twins-King-players
with Mercury it's a moment
for Sun to get intelligence and by Sun vigor
together with the gods
time will tell
what will happen to the demons

now finally the Venus - union with red Uranus
of the element fire
below consciouness but working

nobody on May 5th. 1818
hunched anything of the complete Karl Marx 
hence Uranus'power at the 
like fate is happening to germs
some are driving roots ... 

these four-colored elementary- germs are to study by any passionate 'strologer
necessary for all of us

all your - our - secrets are  embedded in 
the 'landscape of time'
our soul is ready to embrace god's miracles
when it's humble moments have finally  come
back in child's innocence 
and completeness
of the adult

Without this any 'astrology' is another kind of wasting time.

German-speakers will find a record of 'those astrologers' in my Tage und Äonen-Blog.

mind my words:

there is never a 'knowing' in me 
what will happen
but a 
readiness to read and

Murnau, 5. 22. 2019, UTC: 20: 46


after correction:

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