Mittwoch, 25. März 2020

Open the Windows in Silence

3. 23. - 4. 1. 2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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"We should think of the collective unconscious neither as order
nor as disorder. Experience corroborates both. With a dis-
ordered consciousness order can come out of the unconscious
just as conversely unconscious chaos can break into the too 
narrow cosmos of unconscious. At the founding of the great 
religions  there was to begin with a collective disorientation
which everywhere constellated  in the unconscious an over-
whelming principle of order (the collective longing for 
redemption) Through his inner vision the prophet discerns 
from the needs of his time the helpful image in the collective
 unconscious and expresses it in the symbol: because it speaks
 out of the collective unconscious it speaks for everyone-le vrai 
mot de la situation!"

~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. 1, Pages 59-63.

The astromundane diary, here being continued, has the view on the heaven above the northern hemisphere, notabene: a sphere, a rotating one at that, and a mixture on it, which permits extreme subtleties, each at it's place, where man first of all has to sort himself into the given, fateful as it is,  or if not sorted, receiving order 'out of the unconscious'. Id est following a guided way, each week anew finding again  in the own unfathomable depth what is imposed by the gods.

13. Week 2020

two days after the  t h e  M o n d a y

ruling Aries

the beginning one
the first
the invader
the fever
and the first one
on earth was virus

now at the crest of his
contagious beginnings
on the behalf of Saturn
in Aquarius

'the Tower of order'
shall be renewed

by kicking the old one out
kicking the new one in
cause Saturn
the father in the universe
the keeper of the 
everlasting numbers
and words
is in Aquarius

to finally step into 
 in some years

in his

new tower
humble astrologers
with friends
are clearing
like we do

tipping an infinitesimal weight
on the scale
of the great cosmic player

back to our north-hemispheric fate
What is  imposed on zodiacal man
living in our depth

each unique man
and as part of him

Well, we started with Mars' extra-ordinary honor of  being in one step with Brother
Pluto and Jupiter the 'Son' of the Father in a constellation of 'calming down' on Capricorn's ruler Saturn's slow movement

And imagine all three are in the narrowness of Capricorn ... our Adrenalin, our soul and our spirit. 

 It might be a good idea to open the window into the silence without and within.

Look on books or pages what anonymous astrologers since times write to Capricorn and compare it with what we are going through currently. It's time to use the chance, time for a beginning as virtual tower of real spirit created by ancient  forefathers

we will not leave Mars
the biting mouth
without contemplating
the tail
in which
his mouth is biting 
in the alchemist tradition

mouth-time mirrors tail-time

wings in air 
Tail  in water

all these meanings are known to our gods
and their times

and in tail-time is Mercury now
our unconscious and conscious 
neighbor ship
with ourself back at home
called Pisces
with the archetypal child-god
 at home

every life is out of water
in water the movement and steering
comes from the tail

hence we come to a mouth Aries
mirroring the basic tail-function 
id est 'consciousness'
in the element water

so now Sun
 the heart of the zodiacal man in us
is mirroring

the heavenly child and the 

in the contemplation of meaning
in tail-times

Venus in Taurus 
of the zodiacal man
home in matter
home in the soul 

to mirror  now Saturn 
commanding the shape of narrowness
in the infinity of the
winged world
of words thoughts and melodies
to be mirrored by  Venus 
at home
by opening the treasure chest
in this chance to start the
new tower by feeding the
free birds of civilization
to keep them

the constellation
 the narrowness of Capricorn
in the
 current situation
building new architecture of
ideas of the 
like birds nesting in the tower
of Aquarius

he was one of them
a loving one

Murnau 3. 25. 2020, UTC: 17:32

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