Freitag, 27. März 2020

Heavenly Ordered Contraction- Voluntarily or by Catastrophe

This was a brief introduction into the current upheaval as comment in Saker's Cafe. at 3.25.2020 I edited it a little and added some charts

A time with time for many, to do a little research into the background of our current foreground.
What chance has Astrology to understand such rare but repeating events like not only an epidemic but an pandemic?? What does Mars in a constellation with Saturn + Pluto + Jupiter together in Capricorn. which has not occurred since the last 500 years old  outbreak of 'Reformation'?
The answer has firstly been to be watched since 2008, when the chance of Pluto (faith ) in Sagittarius’ (‘expanding’) ended with in Pluto in Capricorn (‘contracting’).
Capricorn’s ruler Saturn’s device is: reduction to the collective necessary , to secure the measure of a species. Symbols: The King, the father, the State.
2018 Saturn entered his own sign/reign.' The King back in his castle', making things right. Since last Summer he eventually entered the closer resonance with Pluto with whom he met in common breath in late December  in close timely connection with the outbreak (Mars) of a new virus, mirrored by  Jupiter Sun's (Leo). 

1'st week 2020
Before all inner planets this winter have got their kicks, chances to do the extra-rare
wise thing, starting new lasting formats on State-level.
Now we are passing the two weeks of Mars ( inflammation) with Jupiter
(expansion) and Pluto (faith aka sacrifice).

13th week 2020

And the current grade of civilization makes it possible (necessary), to practice on state-levels a nearly planet-wide voluntary look down, following the Chinese example. As in  communist China nobody loses job or home by that shut down, in the US a wave of job-losses amounts, because of  trying to prevent the terrible non-voluntary ‘Lombardian way' of catastrophe.
There now is time for a more comprehensive study of the  history of pandemics  and it’s constellations. But i takes some  time for an old man like me.
For now we have the musings on the current week, and first ideas on Saturn’s entry
into  Aquarius, where he was not for 30 years. 

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